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Find out how to Configure Email Policies and Organization Settings. Enter the signature name and content of the signature. Create the desired email address as an email alias, in case it is not present. Go to the Mail Accounts section in the Control Panel. Custom Login URL for Zoho Mail (mail.yourdomain.com) The administrator can configure Custom Login URL for the organization members to remember and access Zoho Mail easily. ZOHO Have a Zoho Account? SIGN IN. Migrate all your data from your previous service provider to Zoho Mail using the POP/IMAP migration or the Exchange migration wizard. Sort the logs based on the category, the operation performed, the period in which it was performed, or the administrator who performed it. You can decide the position of the signature using the checkbox below the signature name. DMARC Policy | DKIM | Email Export and Backup | Outgoing Email forwarding | Email Filters, Changing default Email Address(Mailbox Address). Don't have a Zoho account? Click on the user for whom you want to add an alias. A Zoho-generated OTP, combined with your password, ensures your accounts are protected. When a user has multiple email address for the same account, the additional email address can be set up as an email alias to the account. Add an extra layer of security to your accounts with Two-factor authentication. From the 'User Details', select the account and navigate to the Mail Accounts section. Zoho Mail's policies empower administrators with full control over organization accounts. All group email content that needs moderation is saved in the Control Panel, making verification and further processing easier. Zoho Mail Login. You need to configure Access Restrictions in Mail Policy to hide the Email Forwarding section from the user, to prevent any manual changes by the user.Â, Out of Office Response can be set by the administrator for the user accounts. Customize your login URL such that your users will be able to login to mail.yourdomain.com, and customize your company logo on the login screen and the Control Panel. Take control of all domain-related settings and your organization's general settings from the Dashboard. You can access your Zoho Mail Control Panel by logging into the Control Panel with your Admin or Super Admin credentials. Check out how to migrate users using POP/IMAP Migration or using the Email Migration Wizard. Use email policies to control the domains from which you send/receive emails, set up restrictions on accessing mailboxes from POP/IMAP clients, backup all outgoing emails, and so much more. Choose the best one for your channel's requirements. Zoho Mail's spam policies keep spam away ensuring that genuine email lands in your mailbox. In case there was any error or mix up during the creation of the account, the default email address of the account can be changed. Emails that fail to be validated by the SPF or DKIM protocols can be quarantined, and you can decide whether these messages get delivered to user accounts. Delegate or back up emails by forwarding them to an email address either inside or outside your organization. When you add an email alias, the user will be able to send/ receive using the email alias.Â, The additional email aliases will be added to the From drop-down, using which the user can select the From address for the particular email.Â, The email alias can be used for only one user and cannot be reused.Â, Once added, the email alias can be used to login to the account.Â, The email alias can also be used to configure email clients.Â. Zoho Mail's powerful Control Panel is the admin's go-to place for all settings, configuration, and customization. You can change the Super Administrator for your organization from the Dashboard section. The service will be shown in red colour. set up restrictions, and customize user information from the. By this, the admin can set up automatic responses to certain accounts, which would be discontinued or other reasons, which require an auto-response to the sender.Â, Once the response has been set, automated replies will be triggered for the emails delivered to the account, based on the sending interval set.Â, The administrator can enable/disable the different email services for a user account. Find out how to setup Two-factor authentication and Customize your login URL. Set up domain-wide disclaimers, configure catch-all addresses, and notification addresses for the entire organization. The Zoho Mail Admin App is designed with a complete understanding of System Administrators like you. Learn more. The user will be able to view the configured forwarding. Log in to access Zoho Mail. Once the alias is created, you can make this as the default email address for the user. Select the user for whom you want to configure signature. Click Users, then click Add User. Set up user-specific vacation replies that keep your clients in the loop even while you're away. Sign in to Zoho One , then click Admin Panel in the left menu. Clicking on it again will enable the service. Access your Control Panel on the go using the Zoho Mail Admin app. Sign up for a new account. When the email forwarding is initiated by the user or to an external email address, the verification process is required to enable the email forwarding. Worried that your much-needed vacation will leave potential clients hanging? Choose the required number of moderators for each group, and allocate custom member roles to each user. Email aliases are particularly handy for handling multiple domains. Specify the email address to which you want to configure email forwarding.Â, An internal email address will be immediately enabled, and an external account needs confirmation.Â, Once enabled, all incoming emails will be forwarded to the specified email address.Â, Select the user for whom you want to change the settings and select, Select the dates for which you want to set this response.Â, Select the interval which you want to set for the response.Â, Provide the text which you want to add as. Alternatively, you can also click on your profile picture on the top right portion of your mailbox, and click the Control Panel button. Fear no more of forgetting your password. Manage your organization's mailboxes, configure spam policies, set up restrictions, and customize user information from the. Login. The administrator can configure user specific signatures for all the accounts in the organization. The email alias is similar to the base account email address, except that it can be removed and recreated by the admin easily. Not a Zoho Mail user? To customize the access for specific emails, after turning on the POP Access toggle bar, select the emails received after specific date option, and set the date and time as per your requirement.Â. Create group email addresses for specific channels, such as support, sales, and marketing, with relevant policies and permissions. Add trusted IP addresses to prevent access outside these IP ranges. POP/IMAP migration or the Exchange migration wizard. Add users, manage group aliases, set up policies … Control all your user accounts from the Control Panel. Control all user accounts and set up user-related data from the User Details section. Be assured that your password can be reset by one of your Administrators or Super Administrators on request. Manage advanced group preferences, such as permissions to email the group, customizing group notifications, and controlling spam at the group level. Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel. Example: patricia@zillum.org, pboyle@zillum.org, patricia@zillum.com can all be the email addresses used by the same person under the same account. sales, and marketing, with relevant policies and permissions. Back up email data from entire accounts or emails that fall within a specified date range. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Select the desired email address from the listing to associate the created signature with that email address. Buy a new domain of your choice, set up multiple domains, monitor email hosting status, add domain aliases, and manage all your domains from a single window. Mail Policy | Export Email (Backup and Download) | Email Disclaimer | Domain Keys. Keep yourself informed of bounced email and the spam categories that rejected them by monitoring your Spam Classification Reports. To change the default mailbox address, first the admin should create an email alias with the desired email address, and then set it as default. You can click the 'green' icon for any service to disable the service. Users will not be able to edit or associate the signature created by the Administrator. Sign Up Now "Finally gained control of my Inbox with @zoho - amazing webmail client … Use your Control Panel to customize the notification or warning emails sent to group members or moderators. The signature will be configured for the selected user. When you configure the email forwarding from an organization account to another account within the same organization, set up in Zoho Mail, there is no verification process required for the process when initiated by the admin from the control panel. With respect to POP Access, you can also set it up such that only emails that were received after a specific date or time have POP access enabled. The Zoho Mail Admin App is designed with a complete understanding of System Administrators like you. To change the default mailbox address, first the admin should create an email alias with the desired email address, and then set it as default. Allot varying levels of privileges to each user by assigning the User or Administrator roles. Track admin activities by monitoring detailed audit logs. Keep your spam and genuine email sorted by adding them to your email Whitelist and Blacklist. The users will be able to use the URL mail.yourdomain.com to login to their respective email accounts. You can configure custom login using the instructions in the Control Panel of the org admin's account. Select any user from the listing to open the relevant mail accounts page. In case you want to forward outgoing emails too, refer Outgoing Forwarding from Mail Policy section. Click the Edit icon next to the Super Administrator name, and choose the Admin member whose role you want to change to Super Admin. You can change the email address of a user by creating the required email address as email alias. Migrate your users from your old email provider to Zoho Mail by simply importing a .csv file, or add them manually in a few simple steps. When the administrator creates a user account and creates an email address for the user, that email address is set as the default email address or default mailbox address for that account. Zoho offers four group types: Public groups, Organization groups, Private groups, and Moderated groups. Email Forwarding, when being configured from the Control Panel, is done for delegation/ backup purposes. Select the user for whom you want to configure Email Forwarding. When an organization has multiple domains, say yourdomain.com and yourdomain.org, providing multiple email addresses becomes simple by adding aliases to the accounts. ​, The following are the services that can be enabled or disabled for any user account.Â. With validation protocols like SPF and DKIM, email authenticity is never going to be a question again. Go to User Details and select the user for whom you want to change the default Email Address. A classic Black and Red design reminiscent of the powerful system shell lets you manage all your admin tasks in just a few swipes. Zoho Mail's policies empower administrators with full control over organization accounts Email policies Use email policies to control the domains from which you send/receive emails, set up restrictions on accessing mailboxes from POP/IMAP clients, backup all outgoing emails, and so much more. Apply the action Move to folder/ Apply label for classifying emails. Mail. In the drop down, select the email alias which should be the default Email address of the account. From disabling incoming/outgoing emails to resetting forgotten passwords, you can manage it all in the Control Panel. Provide the alias you want to add and select the domain from the drop-down if you have multiple domains. Create more than just one email address for each user by setting up email aliases. Know more about Zoho Mail's Spam Control Mechanisms. Ensure that your users create a secure password by enforcing a password policy and a password expiration period. Under Basic information, enter the user's First Name and Last Name.
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