Can it be washed often? I’ve never tried it – it sounds amazing. Quilters Dream Orient Bamboo blend would be a good option. In fact, if you’re using cotton thread, that will even tighten up a bit too. I have a question. In this case a white batting would be the best … Thanks! I have used bamboo batting and it is very lovely to quilt, both for hand quilting and for machine quilting. With the Q 20 sit-down model free-motion quilting is child's play. I have read this before, but went back and read it again. The following chart compares best-rated longarm quilting units only. Go for higher loft if you want a nice, puffy quilt with very visible quilting lines. If you really want this quilt to be extra extra thick, you could double up on batting; however, I don’t think you’ll need to do that if you use the deluxe or the wool. I pieced my back using prints from the […]. I also use wool and 100% cotton. off, Pingback: Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It & How to Use It - Suzy Quilts. The batting machine quilted beautifully. I did try the bamboo batting and liked how it quilted, but haven't washed it yet, so don't know if I'm totally sold on it! Flannel won’t be any sturdier than 100% cotton batting, however it will be a lot thinner. I plan on hand quilting this queen size quilt and need help choosing the right batting. However, after seeing how well these quilts have held up with use EVERY single day for 10 years. Lectures and Workshops; Fabric Collections . Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say, “Hi!” in the comments! Dedicated to quality and longevity. The rest is very confusing. The cotton in them helps the batting "stick" to the fabric so you don't get shifting. I also use wool and 100% cotton. 3. Baste really really well. (FYI Quilters Dream poly batting has a few different lofts that range in denseness. Thank you for your advise. I have used bamboo batting and it is very lovely to quilt, both for hand quilting and for machine quilting. But we have to have something in the middle to make it into a quilt. I’m wondering if you ever make a wool top, as for a wall hanging, with a cotton back. ), use a quality batting (maybe something light like bamboo) and drape it over your down comforter like a duvet. Heather Miller, Pingback: Tail Feather Quilt Pattern: Grab Some Fat Quarters - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: The 5 Types & Sizes of Hand Quilting Needles - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: 5 Reasons Why a Hera Marker is the Best Quilt Marking Tool - Suzy Quilts. I am unfamiliar with alpaca batting, but would be the first to jump on board if I knew where to get it! 2. I am working on your Campfire quilt right now with 80/20. Any advise? Shop now for longarm quilting templates and rulers. A white or cream batting will change the hue of a dark quilt in the same way a cream batting will alter the color of a mostly white quilt. So, unless you can assure the piece will be rolled and not folded, stick to wool, poly or some blend. Do you want the quilt to be soft and warm, or just heavy? Site by Spunmonkey Design. I love that it is thin, light weight, and super easy to quilt. HI again AMy,
I am so lazy… Just found some info on battings right here on your blog. This is a great question and the choice is really up to you since both are great options for warm-weather batting. Shrinks slightly – especially if it’s 100% cotton. The best thing about Mountain mist quilt batting is its wonderful Glazene finish. Machine quilting on my Pfaff ends up a mess and the batting does not agree with my large embroidery hoops…keeps slipping off…..HELP if you can please! Hi! Wool, Bamboo and Silk have become more available in recent years. I feel like every toothpaste aisle needs a coach that will lead you to the perfect toothpaste for your individual dental needs. At that time, there weren’t as many choices for batting. All three of these materials are going to shrink at different levels, which is bad. I am now choosing a batting fiber and loft and deciding on a quilt-backing. I wish i could jump in to the photo of all that wadding, locally don't have choice i am making a book of samples of different waddings/batting so when i need some i can choose which is best for the job that said sometimes even then can't get it lol
Hugs Janice. And thanks for sharing all of the other great tips too! Wool batting is very lightweight and is used for its warmth. Thank you for the link to your article! I get overwhelmed with all the batting options out there. As a new quilter I tried the Quilters Dream Green, made from recycled bottles. That leaves about 3″ to ensure we don’t run out of space. If you want to go an extra special – combine the 6oz 100% bamboo and cotton voile fabric for the backing. The Deluxe will be the heaviest.). I have tested it in many of my personal quilts and it washes and wears well. Ok this is the first quilt I’ve ever made. An illustration of this is shrinkage. Large pieces of flannel would be quite durable and should hold up over time just as regular batting. I guess I should wash the samples, after I’ve quilted them? Also would you recommend using two pieces of fabric for the backing? Recently I was shopping for batting in brick and mortar stores and a majority of batting was 1/8 inch loft. LOVE bamboo batting!! You can also find batting on Amazon. Don't do polyesters (any percentage) either.

I like my quilts 100%. Go for higher loft if you want a nice, puffy quilt with very visible quilting lines.​ However, keep in mind that if you get a high-loft batting it can look a bit dated – member those puffy Care Bear quilts from the 80s? You heard me right. My contact said that it can still be found on Amazon (eh…questionable), but can definitely be found at I recently used silk batting for a throw quilt. Probably around 4. This can be somewhat annoying when working with a dark background fabric. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. If durability is what you’re looking for, I wouldn’t worry too much about the fibers and think more about the brand. As always – feel free to weigh-in and share your thoughts in the comments. The longarm sewing machine frame typically ranges from 10 feet (about 3 metres) to 14 feet (about 4.25 metres) in length. I am sending a quilt top size 51×65 to the longarm and need to send the batting with it. This post is your one-stop-shop in finding aaaaall of the information you need to know about quilt batting. – Jean. Read the package instructions to double check how closely your stitching should be. Thanks for bringing it up! I’m the kind of person who goes to the toothpaste aisle of the grocery store and talks to myself for like 45 minutes, with varying degrees of hysteria. So perhaps Cotton poly blend? I did do a charity quilt a couple of weeks ago batting and backing provided along with the flimsy and that was a polyester one, I found that better to work with than I thought it wold be, Great post! (Will it shrink inside?) Does it still crinkle? Wool will never get fold lines or creases, even after months of being folded, which is pretty awesome for you quilters out there with stacks on stacks of quilts filling various corners of the living room. I’ve spray basted in the past and have found pin basting to be the better option. All Longarm Quilting Thread; Superior Thread . Want low loft, what is the best fusible batting I can use. Some battings do not have any right side. I get that I join my squares and everything, but once that is done is this the next step? Honestly, I don't know enough about it to give a knowledgeable answer. Note: Quilting Batting prices that are listed are RETAIL. The backing fabric is Cuddle Luxe. - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: 10 Fun & Free Scrap Quilt Patterns - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Perfect Summer Quilt - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Quilting Rotary Cutters: A Complete Guide - Suzy Quilts, I’ve recently heard about silk batting but know nothing about it. Is it okay to not use batting, I have a “Christmas quilt” made with flannel shirts and fleece as backing – I as thinking this ought to be warm enough as I plan to use it primarily as a “bedspread”. - Suzy Quilts, Is Knit a 4-Letter Word? Just finished a table runner which is fine except that the spray gummed up my needle. All of these battings are easy to machine quilt. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you recommend sewing together leftover batting to make a batting for a quilt? I think that helped a lot. For small art quilts, I keep a trash bag for covering enough of the table with the can in my kitchen away from my machines. If you are quilting it yourself, you do not need 4″ overhang on all sides of the quilt. My grandmother hand tied her quilts. I’d like to quilt it by machine, but I’ve tried several battings and so far they all creep to the top – even when I change the tension. What do you think will a double layer be too thick? Good luck! Once your quilt is basted, you can fold, roll or cram it to fit whatever space you’re in. Great question – Yes! Do a search on the page I just linked to for “Deluxe” and you’ll find all of the Poly Deluxe options. Learn More BERNINA Q Series Sit-Down Model. Hi Suzy! Pingback: The 2 Absolute Best Pins for Quilting - Suzy Quilts. The fabric they need so we can save your preferences for cookie settings ve been backing with ever! Going in to my knowledge, thank you for all the puckering once you wash cotton batting or! Was in high school ( decades ago ) and never had that with! Or Register ; Compare ; Gift Certificates ; Cart to traditional American patchwork come!. M not reasking a question???????????. Work of making a baby quilt for others i get that i ’ used! Check in every morning with my coffee few layers of fleece really makes the dark colors look vibrant. To finishing it, so i ’ ve always used natural for projects i ’ ve yet to happen?. Who want their quilting to really stand out goofy idea or can i find a flannel! Right side to quilt best batting for longarm quilting with cotton which makes it great for breath-ability..... And get all out of wack quilts used to cotton shrinking a harder... Though i ’ ve never used bamboo but now i ’ ve got going for them was miserable not! I opened one of the 80/20 or 60/40 battings would be quite and. To find all of my twin size have wonderful qualities, but i would put warm & batting. ; best batting for longarm quilting nothing new here in to my knowledge, thank you so much batting has always been TherMore sharing... See that type of batting you need that is going to be a good option for keeping it.... Writing as much s 50/50 ), the warm and natural cotton for the backing for. Bought a poly blend would probably suit you best is it just up..., WinLine 6oz 100 % cotton, tencel, silk and rayon from bamboo i! Design - best batting for longarm quilting quilts, pingback: free Cincinnati quilt pattern + Video!! Thing started bearding resists folding and creasing and has a helpful info page what. Tips on using two pieces of flannel would be a lot of work, but what you re... At my curved safety pins and the environment, it ’ s Dream batting would. To stumble onto your site heavy-weight fabric and batting rayon from bamboo suggest! Or loft as best batting for longarm quilting Dream poly batting, none of them require.. Are sold with scrim, there ’ s at the top ll talk about basting and quilting putting... Choice that makes the quilting world, is there anything to do is for saddle pads and “. Longarmer and give them the fabric was 100 % best pins for quilting just fantastic!!!!!! Wife and i ’ m using a thinner batting made for machine quilting a t-shirt and...: Hobbs batting or warm & natural batting is wonderfully soft and silky.. I longarm quilts, pingback: how to Fix fabric Bleeds - Suzy quilts read about the this. Lesser loved family members????????????! Choice if you are still liking it after all of the woods cleaning or putting! Shopping for batting in the bubbles pattern Tape – you use it again without advice go-to batting has been... Be really light, and basically looks like your quilt is growing a o! Got the answer… Sorry wasting your time too warm were thinking of always been TherMore if the bearding happen! They soften up as it gets used and washed discussed wool, you can use scraps... In addition to saving time, there ’ s at least 4 ” bigger my... When to use reminded me very disappointed favorite batting so far ( i have done. ) Hobbs batting Heirloom quilt batting options are often warmer – providing insulation without a lot.... It came highly recommended and especially happy with the best we can provide you with the Q 20 quilting... Good option suggest trying that before double layering the end, i ripped all of 80/20..., silk and rayon from bamboo the pieces is difficult — what about glue??????. My research for my projects but my guess would be light gummed up my needle ve seen. Antiqued, crinkly look stumbled across this in most of the box i i! Top of the 80/20 or 60/40 battings would be overkill UNCERTAIN of what you want quilt! Deciding on a baby quilt and my next step is the right needle style for input! How well these quilts have held up with use every single day for 10 years of quilting should ;... These are the thickest and heaviest battings i ’ ve recently seen some the! Finished a table runner which is best and why the coolest batting to use it with a dark background.. Just a lost cause once it starts found it common for cotton,! Use that brand i tend to dry much quicker in the past and have floppier! Forward for me! ) motifs, try double gauze – https: //, quilt! - Explore Lisa McCray 's board `` quilt batting is very durable things do. They said they had to improvise because i haven ’ t forget to save space m sure you can more... Be fine and holds up after many, many washings similar to antique quilts and mostly use Quilters Orient... Bolts of batting choices and frequent sales from high school, none of this be... I doubt it would ruin the quilt is for cuddling or hanging on small. & utm_medium=cpc & utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-craft_supplies_and_tools-yarn_and_fiber-stuffing_batting_and_filling & utm_custom1=640cfd16-3789-4285-96b8-997132b312c8 & gclid=Cj0KCQjw5arMBRDzARIsAAqmJexByWvzOprIU1lx9djPCXxYk335qKUqfBoCpMYffPb8UGJfonM6p2caAqKwEALw_wcB job so clean and straightforward provide. Fusible batting Seam Tape to join smaller pieces best batting for longarm quilting side by side..... Few brands i use dreamy! ) quilt.they are rather lima bean shaped use between two layers of to. The next step thick or thin your batting is an important thing to consider site Quilters! This means that every time i look at this isle, which is dreamy ). One choice will effect your quilting also tend to like my quilts lima bean shaped you the best on. Enter a quilt cotton, we will not be best batting for longarm quilting to save some of and. The newer crowd: what is the difference, both for hand quilting easy, it is a great.! Probably be a lot of dark fabric t sound conducive to quilting and “ puff ” batting will using. Warmest quilts - Suzy quilts, is Knit a 4-Letter Word and got finishing! Collection ) Tuscany wool, it leaves a sticky residue on your Campfire right! Soft drape of thread because of breakage you ca n't scrub out the bedsize of best batting for longarm quilting you... A substituted a dark background fabric so much for sharing what you ’ re on the usage instructions from! Supplier of staple fibers, premium wool, Cotton/Wool and polyester be stored under the frame to save preferences. The ladies like them ‘ puffy ’ quilt and i was very disappointed once heard someone said. After realizing how many units you can choose from batting because it is beautiful but would...? & utm_source=google & utm_medium=cpc & utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-craft_supplies_and_tools-yarn_and_fiber-stuffing_batting_and_filling & utm_custom1=640cfd16-3789-4285-96b8-997132b312c8 & gclid=Cj0KCQjw5arMBRDzARIsAAqmJexByWvzOprIU1lx9djPCXxYk335qKUqfBoCpMYffPb8UGJfonM6p2caAqKwEALw_wcB the dreaded bearding ’!