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However, if you're not using your fireplace and your chimney acts solely as a vent for your furnace or water heater, you may not need to have a liner installed. Exclusive to the Home Depot! LINER INSULATION See professionally prepared estimates for water heater cleaning work. For do-it-yourself homeowners, expect to pay around $625 for a ready to install, 6″ x 25′ foot flue liner kit and DIY installation. Not sure if this is your problem? Tank water heaters can be as small as 85 litres in a 1-2-person home or surpass 200 litres in a … The first thing to check would be the 'Draft on the Water Heater Vent'. Once the gas is burned the fumes need somewhere to go. Unlike non-direct vent or power vent tankless water heaters, direct vent types require no chimney, and it needs no electricity in pushing out exhaust gas or heat. Otherwise, you may be stuck overpaying for installation. Whether your chimney is venting a wood-burning or gas fireplace, wood stove, furnace or water heater, you should have it inspected annually and cleaned as needed, according to the CSIA. The average cost of a stainless steel chimney liner is around $1,980 when installed by a local chimney professional. A tankless unit would be about $1000 more but would provide an energy savings of up to $100 per year. As a result, harmful gasses and even fire can seep into your house. ProLine Gas Water Heaters offer a wide range of water heating solutions—from models that help you qualify for gas utility rebates to high recovery models ideal for large families with high demand for hot water. You fish a line from down the roof and attach the liner (stretched out first) and pull. I've currently got my hot water heater vented into my chimney and want to get it out so I can run a woodstove through the chimney. chimney liner kits for gas furnace, Chimney Liners provide a correctly sized flue for optimum efficiency of appliances. ... Any time there’s water in your chimney, it’s not a good situation. Install a Direct Vent. See the article on 'How To Troubleshoot Gas Water Heater Problems' for a complete listing of issues and the resources to solve the problems. The chimney can continue to serve a low efficient water heater providing it meets the 7 times rule or the chimney shall be relined with a smaller listed liner or “B-vent” per number (2 or 4) above. Cracked masonry should be addressed from an energy-savings perspective -- a lot of air could be escaping from your home, depending on where the damage to the chimney is located -- but it's not likely to be a fire hazard. But if your chimney is large enough, it is pretty easy to do. A fireplace and chimney install costs $2,500 to $11,000, or $6,750 on average.Replacing the cap, liner and other repairs range from $350 to $2,150.Expect to pay up to $1,000 per year for inspection and cleaning services depending on the condition of your chimney and its total number of flues.. Show more cost info Show less cost info Hot water heaters are about to get MUCH more expensive, which is why it’s important that you do some research before you make your decision on which heater to get. This model has a 6 year limited tank and parts warranty plus a 1 year in home labour warranty. For wood, pellet, gas, oil and coal burning appliances. Types of hot water tanks Storage tank water heater. An orphaned water heater in an oversized chimney creates a huge moisture problem. How Much do Chimney Liners Cost? A 40 gallon powervent gas water heater, providing an ample supply of water to households with 2-4 people. Typically a power vent water heater will cost the same as it would to have a flue liner installed and regular water heater. Rock-Flex chimney liners are fabricated with the highest quality stainless steel, UL 1777 tested and listed, air and water tight, and provide the best flexibility and strength to contain moisture and flue gases. Installing a hot water heater in your home requires you to answer some troubleshooting questions prior … That was considered a good price at that time, If you were to install a forced hot water modcon boiler it would cost substantially more. Options to prevent an orphaned water heater. Without a … 5. A lot of the houses in this area have steam or forced hot water boilers and they cost substantially more. We do not supply. For Hot Water Heaters and Oil Furnaces the ideal diameter of the liner needed to vent your appliance is the size on your unit. Gas Water Heater and Furnace Chimney Flue Size Calculations The basic method for the chimney flue size calculations is "The Seven Times Rule" (applies to natural draft and / or fan assisted type appliances vented into the same chimney). For a Mid efficient Water Heater the chimney shall be relined. Animals can take up residence or debris can accumulate, blocking a flue. The current chimney vent tank needs replacing, its 8 years old, the anode was never replaced and its rusting internally :( The current is a natural gas tank, 40gal, chimney vented, its a 6 inch outer diameter, and i have had no back drafting issues of any kind since … Today's wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces require correctly sized flexible flue liner kits to perform properly. If you're planning a replacement project, be sure to consider the issue of water heater venting. Creosote can build up inside your chimney, creating a fire hazard. Higher cost; best way to vent tankless water heater Advantages On Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater Free of chimney. Over time, intense heat, weather conditions and general wear and tear can result in a cracked liner. Greetings, I'm hoping someone with a little knowledge of gas appliances can steer me in the right direction. 2. If your home doesn’t currently have a chimney liner, technician upgrading a water heater must properly install a chimney liner to bring your hot water heater up to TSSA standards. CHIMNEY CAP Choice of: TOP KIT; RAIN CAP Will also need TOP CLAMP + STORM COLLAR + TOP PLATE, -or-EZ TOP PLATE, -or-EZ FLUE FIT TOP PLATE SINGLE FLUE CAP; MULTI FLUE CAP; CROWN Item shown for identification only. Usually Includes: Chimney Liner Kit, Delivery to Jobsite, Permits & Inspections as Needed, All Labor, Tools, and Supplies to Complete the Project. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. Time to Complete: 6-8 Hours, for 2-3 Installers. I just lined my masonry chimney with a flex liner for my gas water heater -- it only needed a 4" liner -- don't know what your furnace requires. ... carbon monoxide gets released and you want to keep that out of your home at all costs. Chimney Problems Gas Water Heater Heating System. Chimney liners are much easier to clean and maintain as compared to the brick and mortar of a chimney without a liner. The Home Depot offers traditional water heater tanks and modern tankless units, both powered by either gas or electricity. These units ensure that water runs hot throughout your home, allowing you to bathe, wash dishes, and do laundry with ease. Newer hot water heaters and furnaces are often side vended out of the building, an NOT vented out of the top of the chimney. Your gas hot water heater needs air to operate. Uniform Construction Code form indicating that the chimney is safe for use. cost of chimney liner installation how much does it cost to install a 2 story chimney liner and then connect it to the hot water heater and furnace Do I need a new chimney liner with a tear down and rebuild of my chimney? Depending on your selection, the average cost for water heater installation is between $1,000 to $3,000. Average Cost of Chimney Liner Installation. May be required where chimney is too large, leaking carbon monoxide through chimney. Clay, concrete, and metal are the different materials used in the manufacture of chimney liners. Troubleshooting Questions About Installing a Hot Water Heater. I had a new Smith wet based steam boiler installed 4 years ago and paid about $7k for it. The cost of lining your chimney is very much dependent on what diameter flue liner you need, how long you require it and what grade you go for. That's what our home inspector found in Gainesville, Fla. Stainless steel chimney liners are extremely durable and perfect for wood-burning fireplaces. When the old furnaces and hot water heaters were in the same vent, they produced ample heat and draft to … Not usually a good option because of cost. Not really an option unless your current water heater is condensing and/or sealed combustion. As a result, the chimney is more efficient and clean. 1. See typical tasks and time to clean water heater, along with per unit costs and material requirements. For example, our 5” diameter 316 grade Dura Flue would cost around £102 for 6 metres. A liner can also be bypassed when installing a high-efficiency or tankless water heater — which, like a high-efficiency furnace, can be vented directly out a wall instead of through the chimney. Powervent water heaters won't backdraft, but they cost more ... liner will be installed to allow the water heater to vent ... kit for an existing water heater. 3. The cost to Clean Water Heater starts at $86.41 - $261 per heater, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Replace the water heater For example, if it has a 6" opening where the pipe is to be inserted, that is the ideal size liner you need. They’re probably what you imagine when you think of a hot water heater. However, the interior of your chimney (especially after … 3.Chimney Liner: Metal vent used to vent an appliance through a masonry chimney. Does an Oil Furnace Need a Chimney Liner?. The draft being reduced will result in water vapor and ruin your flue and chimney. This depends on the unique situations of your home.vented hot water heater tank needs to be released through your chimney. The combustion of fuel from an oil furnace creates a corrosive by-product of unburned carbon and sulfur commonly known as soot. A properly installed chimney liner that’s in good condition will be able to keep it out. The Rheem Performance Line. If you are having a conventional hot water heater upgradeto an energy efficient one in Toronto and GTA and if your house does not currently have a chimney liner installed, technician legally should not install a hot water heater for you unless a chimney liner is installed as well. Our 6” diameter 904 grade Dura Flue would cost around £181 for 6 metres. Available in Different Materials. A cracked flue liner in the chimney is not an unusual problem. Most masonry fireplaces are built with clay liners. Cold winter air is heavy and is constantly trying to sneak into your house by slipping down the chimney. The tank-style water heater is the most common variety in Canada. 2.Chimney Certification; N.J. Total Installation Cost Range: $850 - $1,600 for Stainless Liner Kit Installation Average Materials Cost: $175 - $400 Stainless Steel Liner Average Labor Cost: $400 - $1,250 Avg. Access to the chimney, size of liner pipe and the degree of difficulty to complete a job safely all play a big factors in our estimating the cost of doing a reline job. Old Chimney with Clay Liner. And, our specialty vent gas water heater options can be installed almost anywhere in your home because they can vent up to 40 feet. WaterHeaterReviewsSite , for example, could give you some advice on which electric water heaters is the most recommended. Install a Power Vent.
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