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An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Araya Kulidu Naa Danava Mesoneyu, Hollandhu Hegule Maathi Allandhu thallule. Bilingualism among tribal communities is higher than among the general population. And as a result he doesn't live in the present or the future. It is a wonderful sight when a group of ladies dance together. ஹெத்து தத்தி சாக்கித அவ்வை என்ன, In 1999 UNESCO declared 21st February as international Mother Language day. Many mistakenly claim that Badaga Origin is nothing but Badaga migration from Mysore  [now in Karnataka state] during Tipu’s time only because of  the name Badaga (meaning northerner). It is to be noted that the predominantly used functional domains of Badaga language has not eroded. (GCT,Madras Univ).,M.B.A (FMS, Delhi Univ), & Listen!] கொட்டு பீத்த ஹெண்ணு நா எதகமுத்து முத்து மூக்கத்திக சொக்கி ஹொதனே,நெட்டி நித்தனெஸொத்து பத்து நீத்த எந்து காத்துண்டு இந்தெ த, மாத்த ஹேகு த, மதுவய மத்த ஹெகுத. In Castes and Tribes of Southern India, edited by Edgar Thurston and Kadamki Rangachari. Irula.—Spoken by the Irulas of … Give me the heart to offer, I am always recollecting the beauty of Aravankadu and Hubbathalai. It remained as a dialect because of the isolation in the hills. Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. அரய குளிது நா தனவ மெசுவொனெயு, The Badagas are the largest aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgiri district. My take is that Badagas were both the people of plains and of the hill and have always been like that. cloth[bag] covering will not go easily) 34. But the truth is, Badagas always belonged to Ooty (previously Otacamandala) since thousands of years and was … ஹுட்டு கெட்டு நா மாசி குளிபனெயு, Now only i came to know all months in badaga language…..Marvellous….. can u confirm if the dialects published in your website does exist, because being a badaga I felt that we do not have any dialect and our language is from Kanada please reply. Gana ellade impossibility]20. 1. "This is my first visit to this site and was surprised to know how ignorant I have been about the Badaga community. Have the urge to pour your heart out ? Kothi kaala baase Jun 2, 2010 @ 1:01 am. Amme / Thamma, nee ai hatti ? I am Tamil, in love with a Badaga. The Badagas speak a language called Badugu . The one person who has done a lot to highlight about Badagas, in 1960s, Prof.Paul Hockings has chosen to go along with his predecessors in concluding that since Badaga means north[ner], they have migrated from southern  Mysore  during Tipu Sultan’s rule over Mysore to avoid being forcibly converted to Islam. Again, I may not be correct at all and could be seen as someone who is throwing out wild statements. Nee a’ hattigha koodidhe? Mulley also stresses for ‘palato-graphic’ investigation and audio recording of the sounds of the language. maadu44. Instead of tying seven[oxen] to the millpole[for pressing oil]; Please give your name and use a genuine email ID. Give me the conviction to do. Kotta hennu nela arige 26.Kotta saalava kaeyade ketta, bithida holava nodade ketta(Suffering Goonu bhuddu Naa Cooli Geevaneyu, The name "Badaga" (northerner) was given to this group because they migrated from the plains of Mysore District, just to the north of the Nilgiri Hills, in the decades following the Muslim invasion that destroyed the great Hindu empire of Vijayanagar in a.d. 1565. Hallana neeru hattaleyu ஹோரிய தூக்கி நா ஹொட்டே கைபெனெயு, beda57. “Hetta hotte ondaleyu huttu bere buddi bere”, The stomach that has given birth [to various people] is one; Of course this will create a negative trend. The Kadambas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and Holysalas were some of the many major Kannada kingdoms and dynasties ruling the region.   1. 11. The influence of media is also so strong. In beginning of the 19th century Badaga population was around two thousand. Nanga culturedhoge esago evidence buttubutti. can i get any one like that, who can be my guru and as well as my dear and close friend? Naakku (Four) 5. பாரிவி, நோடிவி, ஓதிவி & ஓரிடிவி. All the 12 Badaga months starting with Koodalu [given in Capital Letters] are beautifully integrated within the song. Thombathu (Ninrty) 100. 1.Akka Ghandana koda dhukka hegile, Makka maria buttu baa ennana(When if you [have to] show scorn to mother, never do it to water [the Enna Awai But new Kannada lost its original slang but not BADAGA? But the truth is, Badagas always belonged to Ooty (previously Otacamandala) since thousands of years and was attached to Royal Mysore region of Kannadigas right from the beginning. It is just that I some thoughts came to me while I drove back from Ooty and I also happened to see your website and hence decided to throw my few thoughts. Fortunately wherever you go there is ample opportunity to use your mother tongue, Badaga language. At the same time it miserably failed to get the usage position in newly created language domains. Appara Santhosha. Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to Chiikkavanaalayu Sivana buddi (Even though he is veryyoung, has lot of wisdom like Lord Siva)36. In the nineteenth century the name was spelled in various ways. - Girl/ Boy, which is your village? One as said earlier, the hill Badagas have one in their family a representative of their kinsmen from plains who have been tutored on main aspects of Hindu-Badaga culture and the plains men in return will have sustained their bond with their brothers uphill. bethadava, ullama illadhe gulla bedharava69. Could you translate this for me? That is, even the other ethnic tribes of the Nilgiri hills used to converse with others in Badaga language. – You are married to [the boy/girl from] which village?. Nethiga haakko Asalu? daara67. PROUD TO BE A BADAGA ! Maduvay aagi buttava? Nangaga bandhale allu i am looking for the history of our community. Would appreciate positive comments. I have couple of Badaga friends and always wanted to know their orgin and history as the language they speak ( with all due respect) is a combination of couple of south Indian languages( at least sounds like). Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. It is a wonderful sight when a group of ladies dance together. Hi sir, First of all, Hats off to your work.I am a regular visitor of this site for the past 2 yrs.Every day its looks new to me..I spend atleast 15 min a day.Nice to see it crossing 1 lakh visitors.Proud to be a Badaga..Hope our community stays for ever. by B.Mohan [of Kunna Bikkatti]. Even when I sat on the rock and tendered the cows, There is a lot written about the migration from Mysore theory by many anthropologists, researchers and others. Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to Many a tribe has been engulfed by the surrounding environment. Its really good to see our website with tons of historic information.Its really informative for youngsters like me to know our community well.Thank you. கூனு புத்து நா கூலி கீவனேயு, maathu]51. The best they do is they will return back when the threat subsides. Most of the inter caste marriages are outcasted. Balla beethu baddiga hoga beda71. Kannadigas are said to keep their lands beautiful always and no wonder why Ooty is so beautiful. Socially it is a negative trend to keep their mother tongue alive. I heard that Okkaliga and Baduga are same…..meaning of both is farmers….getting confused…..if possible share some clarity on the same, but I love both Badaga and Okkaliga lot due to their lovable culture. Savi kanda kothi attalu hathidenege23. cloth[bag] covering will not go easily) 34. “Naa ninna gava/priya maadinay” – more translations for this question are welcome – Wg Cdr JP. Namaskara – Greetings [Namasthe – Vanakkam]. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. So we need awareness programmes to instil the importance of mother tongue. – What is your name?. Interestingly, the Badagas migrated into the Nilgiris from Karnataka over the past several centuries and settled among the tribal people. Wow No wonder, Badagas are Kannadigas (Kanarese). - Ninna Hatti edhu ?[3a. The Badagas … (GCT,Madras Univ).,M.B.A (FMS, Delhi Univ), & Listen!] With the small number of speakers the Badaga language survived for the last many centuries. The reason is that Badagas if indeed were the people of both Hills and plains as I am guessing, then the hill Badagas will take their women from the Badagas of the plains as a matter of inheriting and sustaining the culture which naturally any people of hill will feel as a pocession of the people of plains that are nearer to other centers of civilization and particularly nearer to renowned Hindu centers. Thindhu santhosha aappadhuna, Kokkedhadi ? LACITO in Paris houses numerous varieties of Badaga stories and songs collected over the past two decades by Pilot-Raichoor. It is evident from her research that the Badaga community was created in the Nilgiris with small local groups in ancient times. Learn how your comment data is processed. - Nee ondu Badagana? - Nee dara maathi / hennu ? Of course I am just guessing and have no scientific or scholarly basis for my statement. Nooru (Hundred) 1000.Saavira (Thousand) 1,00,000. - Girl/ Boy, which is your village? Unsere Stoffe für die Bekleidung werden aus recycelten PET Flaschen sowie Fischernetzen (Nylon) hergestellt, die aus … (sitting), the girl wasted her life by smiling (turning around) at strangers14. -Implying Have the urge to pour your heart out ? Here I am also taking the liberty of guessing that all along Badagas of the plains and that of the hills had marriage and other alliance’s going on continuously! ஹொல்லாந்து ஹெகுலே, மாத்தி அல்லாந்து தள்ளுலெ. 3. Bae Aadileyu Bae ga Kedu, Seegi Aadile yu Bae ga For example mobile phone, which became an integral part of modern men, is much helpful conversing in one’s mother tongue. Mooru (Three) 4. thora beda64. "This is my first visit to this site and was surprised to know how ignorant I have been about the Badaga community. after a long time. I completed my S.S.L.C. Maneya nududhu mandhaga I saw in news many bad people building concrete buildings in nilgiris and destroying it and its beauty. you touch the fire, it will burn you)42. Or is it possible that Kannada resembles Badaga to a large extent? buddi bappane ghanda elle(Wisdom did not come when husband was alive, when wisdom came husband was not there)16. என்ன மட்டாந்து தள்ளுலெ. Hadanaakku (Fourteen) 15. Bikini Top Cross Over We are known as Baduguru by all the other indigenous communities who admire us for our progress and cultural tapestry that we share with them. Hanneradu (Twelve) 13. இது படுக மொழியில் சொல் பஞ்ச்சத்தால் ஏற்பட்டதன்று. ஹெத்து தத்தி சாக்கித அவ்வை என்ன, 10.Saththa Koyee, baththa mukkirava ? Rev P K Mulley, a clergyman of CSI in Kotagiri, and a freelance investigator of the Nilgiris for more than three decades, said that even before Pilot-Raichoor could arrive at it, he always knew that the Badaga community evolved from the Nilgiris. (Can a dead hen feed on grains?) Nagulan Joghee’s choice of some of the proverbs quoted by Prof.Paul Hockings in his book on ‘Badaga proverbs , curses and Omens’ with English meaning : “Akka iddale baava ; rokka iddale sule Enter your email address to follow this website on Badaga and receive notifications of new posts by email. Have the urge to pour your heart out ? Namaskara – Greetings [Namasthe – Vanakkam]. Maneya nududhu mandhaga hattaleyu, ghanda mane hesara ethu41. Das Paradies ist kein Ort, sondern ein Gefühl. \m/ Amme / Thamma, nee ai hatti ? May I hope that the Badagas will live up to your hopes, and thank you once again on behalf of the Badaga community – Wg Cdr JP", ‘Suddi saddha ella olliththa ? That is a lot of hits for a website [weblog] on BADAGA that is focused on a small community of the Blue Mountains - the Nilgiris, in the southern part of India. Avvaiya halladha nodile magava nodudhuga kudipadhuna, Neelagiri neera kudhi61. Language is like key that can unlock local knowledge about medicinal secrets, ecological wisdom, weather and climate pattern, spiritual attitude etc. Nooru (Hundred) 1000.Saavira (Thousand) 1,00,000. This write up is very informative and useful and may the Badaga community grow and spread through the whole world and prosper". Kai yoge kannaadiya beethindu neerunamoga nodidha enge(looking for the reflection of the face on thewater when there is a mirror in the hand) 28. Thalaiyamana Its just like a bible for our next generation. My Father was working in Cordite Factory , Aravankadu. – Wg Cdr JP. Ghandu gundu, hennu helavu13. The Badagas are the largest community in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu State (… whatever is left in the coffer, Hadimooru (Thirteen) 14. According to her research paper published recently in the Encyclopedia of Nilgiris, edited by international anthropologist Paul Hockings, a professor in the United States, there are evident, but isolated and non-systematic coincidences between Badaga and Alu Kurumba. AALAANI thinguvatha aa aagi varasha mamma ,NALLANI go kollaandhu hega beda, ,AANI huttidha mele badhila hegine baa mamma . Madi buddu maaruga sedhara, hennu buddu nattaga Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful website. The fact that Badagas main occupation is agruculture reiterates they arr Vokkaligas. hadadheya77. 1)During “Hethay Habba’ – both when from every village the devotees go to Hethay temples at Beragani and Peddhuva [as well as when the Hethay deity from Hethai Gudi is taken to ‘Madi Halla -river’ for change into new dress once a year].Also, and whenever a hatti temple deity is taken on procession during habbas in hattis], Kedu [A word play-pun- on Bae which means both the mouth and crop Hasanooru haala Instead of saying survived, we can say it developed into a stronger position and its usage spread into more domains. Give me the courage to defend, I’ve never heared such a question from a girl. Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice: Read any Indian Newspaper. What we know about Badaga, both language and people, is less than what we DO NOT know. Sadiga madi elle8. Aravathu (Sixty) 70. Example Dhevwa Habba? ஹுட்டு நட்டு என்ன ஹொல்லந்து ஹெகொனெயு, Hothu Banda I am an Okkaliga gowda, here in Tamil Nadu. Kai yoge kannaadiya beethindu neerunamoga nodidha enge(looking for the reflection of the face on thewater when there is a mirror in the hand) 28. ( Log Out /  I visited Nilgiris recently and was starting to wonder about Badagas and Thodas. I was a student of Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder Board High School from 1951-1954. Love words? Hothu Banda Though ‘maav’ roughly means ‘uncle – mamma’, it could indicate some unknown meaning. But don’t forget to learn your mother tongue properly. Horia Thookki Naa Hotte Kaibeneyu, Even when I entered the stables and cleaned the dung, = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 2) During weddings when the bride and groom are brought to the ‘Madhuvay Mane – wedding house' and the newly weds are taken to the temple and Language is the preserver of culture and that one’s mother tongue is precious. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nalavathu (Forty) 50. This write up is very informative and useful and may the Badaga community grow and spread through the whole world and prosper". Madras: Government Press. But, I am also convinced that Badagas were and are one of the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris like the Todas. My mother who gave birth, cared for and brought me up,
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