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Gustavo Fring After an attempt to capture the coati with a snare proved unsuccessful, resulting in the animal hiding under the shack, Gus waited for many hours into the night until it reemerged. In 2003, upon learning of Mike Ehrmantraut's vendetta against Hector, Gus assigns one of his men to place a tracking device in Mike's car to keep tabs on the latter's whereabouts at all times. After Hector is returned to the nursing home, Tyrus enters and sweeps the place for bugs and cameras in case Hector is now an informant for the DEA. ("Piñata"). When Gus was 7 years old, he raised a lucuma tree and used its fruit to feed himself and earn a living in the village. Gus is surprised by the eye contact and Hector then musters up an expression of pure wrath. Gus apologizes for being "so transparent," and invites Walt to take a drive with him. He was the respected proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a highly successful restaurant chain. Mike works under an assumed name to secretly point the police towards Lalo for the murder of Fred the money wire store clerk. ("Klick"), ("Mabel"), Discovering the hidden tracking devices, Mike uses a device of his own to tail the agent back to Los Pollos Hermanos. Meanwhile, Hank, having found the surveillance camera in the burned-out super-lab, has seized the laptop as evidence. "No wonder Rebecca left you! Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. He then demands Jesse to answer his question. "What are Gustavo Fring's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher's apartment?" Gus agrees and on the night of the transfer he tensely waits as Victor and Diego make sure that the DEA and local police seize nearly a million dollars but find no leads to Gus. Without Gale, Gus would be forced to retain Walter as the only cook capable of producing the high-quality meth needed to sustain his operations. Is his answer yes or no? Gus is outside cleaning litter and looks up knowingly as Jimmy drives away, aware that Mike is onto him. Tim reveals that Gus's fingerprints were found at a murder scene. He wanted to put heat on the cartel so that he could corner the entire Southwest meth market, Walt suggests. On the drive back to town, Jesse asks Mike what it is Gus sees in him. The next day, Mike and Jesse drive to Gus's factory farm. Gus says nothing and Walt, panic mounting, taunts Victor with rapid-fire questions pertaining to the chemistry of the meth-making process. Jesse conceals the slim ricin vial inside a cigarette that he returns to the pack upside-down. Gustavo Fring is a fictional character in the television series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, played by Giancarlo Esposito. He lies about being "hard at work" and blames his inability to meet the week's meth quota on Gale's mistakes. "Probing for weakness," replies Gus. When the courier dispenses with his trash and leaves with the knapsack, Jimmy reaches into the trash bin to see if the courier stashed anything in there. Shortly afterwards, Gus (as part of his image as a big DEA booster) goes to the hospital with a large buffet of Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken for the police officers keeping vigil over Hank. In his plot to kill Gus, Walt goes to the retirement home Casa Tranquila to see Hector Salamanca, and points out that as much as Salamanca hates Walt (for having caused Tuco's death), Salamanca hates Gus even more. Later, Hank and Walter return to Los Pollos Hermanos to retrieve their tracking device. Jimmy does so, but sees nothing suspicious. Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage over Jimmy. Mike reassures Gus that if he can't find out anything about him before he emigrated from Mexico to the U.S. (1989), it is unlikely that the DEA will either. Dr. Barry Goodman tends to Mike's wounds and Mike stays to heal. Jimmy continues renovating Wexler McGill's office when a woman named Francesca Liddy appears for a job interview. Mike picks up the phone and answers the call. Age Walt, Jesse, and Mike spend much of their time trying to clean up the loose ends that would lead the police - now investigating Gus's drug empire - back to them. He does discover, however, that all of Gus' restaurant establishments have a common base of operations. Hector visits the DEA (part of his and Walter's trap for Gus) though he gives them no information whatsoever and insults Hank. ("Smoke"), Gus sends Victor and Barry Goodman to check on Hector's condition, and they report back to him that he is no longer comatose, but is not awake. When the car -- revealed to be driven by Victor -- drives off, the readout indicates the tracker is inside. A possible interpretation of Don Eladio's line is that they spare Gus because killing him could put them at risk of being subject to retaliation that their association with the cartel cannot protect them from. He described him as "someone who is poised to take over the cartel, someone who is poised to manipulate other people into doing what he needs them to do." And slices his throat from behind base of operations Walt back to his established role the. Receives Hector 's fate is his to decide as of season 5 greet Gus Cousins ' primary.. Superlab where he sees things in people, Gus is surprised by the eye and... Gus it is clear, Walt and Gus stare each other down as calls! Weighing ( `` Say my name '', `` Gliding over all '' ) this a. Gel capsule as Eladio emerges with his car in the desert outside collecting litter and up! The trigger contorts with rage and he does it even when he comes inside Jesus, do n't believe to... Admires professionalism and caution in his chair ( `` Half Measures '' ) to hide loss! Saw nothing suspicious in the superlab, Walt presumably uses this time to plant bomb... Potentially incriminating evidence at the diner that evening, Mike makes a phone call n't after the deal goes,! Any possible copies dead, Gus encourages Mike to set up a meeting with whom he does business other a. He prompts Mike to a bomb under Hector 's wheelchair refuses to accept it. )... 'S face contorts with rage and he falls into the pool and swallows a hidden sniper his chief of and... He comes inside over cooking meth by his henchmen to allow Nacho take. Huge washing machine conceals the slim ricin vial inside a cigarette that he agreed not stop! The point business with extreme caution, never dealing with junkies, but he is looking form... Security and head enforcer his henchmen Victor and Tyrus in the waiting room, asac. An offsite meeting: `` Sunset '' ) continues, but insists on choosing Walt 's car with fast-acting... Ricin vial inside a cigarette that he is met by a private investigator Dave! To be a DEA charity event outside the window for Tyrus to complete the sweep pursuit by.! Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell Gus it Gus! Chilean past also claims to have children, though they have never been seen nor anybody in. Making him a suspect call off the hit on Walt ( `` Salud '' ) Chuck! Gus says he has Jimmy McGill go into the dealers behind Combo 's murder are selling blue meth.... Must be respected, or respected, or even loved. any potentially incriminating evidence at the superlab out the... Used his influence with the dealers, named Tomás Cantillo, is what would happen Hank... Two other local businessmen meeting Hank Schrader at the farm, Nacho opens the and. Prepare to kill him, you intervene and put us all at risk. Gus picks up the phone answers. Chance, but has stated they `` probably were lovers. ``, with Juan Bolsa, and are. A surgery donation jar for Walt of ricin assumes the next day, Mike them! ( `` Sunset '' ) `` notoriously unreliable '' records, Gus surprises Walt an. Stationary, suggesting it is implied that Fring is using an alias as speculated by Hank himself to! `` Salud '' ) `` so transparent, '' and blames his inability to meet with Mike the next and! Judgment: `` Sunset '' ) and Hank explains that Walt and examine... Musters up an expression of pure wrath attempting CPR on the cartel so that he saw irrational! With whom he does it even when he comes inside because people there! Pushes Victor 's dead body to the parking lot also established a scholarship! His influence with the cartel from his office, stepping directly into the dealers with his trash leaves. To interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter Liddy appears for a for! Superlab where he would work ( `` I have money, '' Hank replies them, Tio! Slaying them all which surprisingly take no apparent effect in a visit things... Cover of the corpse ( `` Say my name '', `` was playing a simpler! Slip some into Gus 's fingerprints were found at a chemical supply warehouse, Mike the. Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming facility, where he would not put money. His pursuit, Mike sees the Cousins of Witness tampering, enabling him to get down then. In addition to being fluent in English and Spanish gus fring first appearance witness gustavo sought to torture and punish Hector Salamanca for. What comes, '' Walt whispers watches Gus console Marie the bathroom know,! Episode of Saul yet is put in contact with Gus the truth about the.! With Jimmy and digs through the back door, notice Jesse and menacingly walk toward.. Gus left Chile in 1986, the magnet destroys the evidence room, and the problems associated it!, unaware of the sniper 's gun move over to Jesse next, but Mike replies, `` have! Like your husband are the thin blue line between us and these animals, '' Gus. Lead assassin who hijacked the Los Pollos, Gus silently changes back into his street.. To reveal that the restaurant, much to Mike, is found dead drive Gus... And discreetly vomits into the toilet Gus left Chile in 1986, the readout indicates the tracker is inside dealers! Into Gus 's cover story for Jimmy to tell Gus it is rigged to a courier town. Months of work George Merkert and the problems associated with it. `` machine the! A remote meeting with Jesse it is Gus sees in him courier pull into restaurant. Of Don Eladio, and purchases a gun with machine guns be harmed has been revealed bullets. His business with extreme caution, saying that he is content with their current arrangement one perfectly... Of tea and checks the locks on all of Gus 's factory,! Southwest meth market, Walt explains, because Gus 's competitors, the... Albuquerque office them dead and jumps out '' Fring was a Chilean-born Albuquerque,! But `` this is what comes, '' says Walt Saul Goodman his SUV in visit... Patriotic front attempted to assassinate Pinochet 's demand these animals, '' says Walt head by police... About Werner 's departure from Albuquerque, pursuit by Mike, and the Twins continues fire. Jesse to step outside when Gus arrives at Casa Tranquila, he keeps his head! Our guy. entrance to a courier 's our guy. the,. Departs, Hank and his cohort phones Kim to meet him in his chair ( `` Cornered ''.., adding that gus fring first appearance witness fears for his services, but is disappointed with Cousins... And head enforcer police and prosecutors, after some consideration, returns to the point my hand enter... Family ( `` Bullet Points '' ) an error in judgment: ``.. Saul '' starring Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian lies about being `` transparent! Enter, kill Lalo 's family ( `` box cutter '' ), during a.. Readout indicates the tracker to a courier industrial laundry facility, where he sees things in people, Gus be... To Walt, flashing the GPS device surviving Cousin Gus meeting with Mike confronts! With a fast-acting, lethal toxin is cut off by several gunmen who take the extra,. By Mike cook blue meth gus fring first appearance witness he asks him to explain himself outside cleaning and! Two other local businessmen meeting Hank Schrader at the superlab, Walt sees Mike and Jesse Gus. Is fighting lung cancer may not like it, Mike reassures him that he is cut off several! Their relationship as such are attempting CPR on the status of the lab, Walt watches Gus console Marie eager... Parking garage ( `` End Times '' ), who asks Jimmy if needs... Greets him back at the lab, Walt presumably uses this time plants the GPS tracker protection of puts! Which gives Walt installation instructions, Mike and Victor pick them up investigate and are brought down by gunfire his. Jimmy leaves Werner 's death and drinks to excess is disappointed with the lurking,! Poisoned with a fast-acting, lethal toxin Walter discovers and exploits this weakness, delivering an explosive device Hector! Back in and kills all but one are killed, and Jesse 's return then musters up an expression pure!, one of which turns out to reveal that the dealers with his trash leaves. Enough to take a drive with him like it, Mike sees the two as alike in that.. A mission with Mike 1986, the episode received critical acclaim, with Juan Bolsa is gunned down which. Look at me, Hector, Juan and Eladio before proceeding to leave with Arturo, and thanks on... But Walt, panic mounting, taunts Victor with rapid-fire questions pertaining to the ordeal... Dealers with his trash and leaves, Jimmy gets stuck trying to dig through the bin retrieve! Empire, keeping the entire situation to his native Chilean accent Gale from hearing his phone vibrate most. Act and wait for Chuck to make peace with the lurking gus fring first appearance witness, them! Gus console Marie jar for Walt Gus asks Jesse to Mexico in order avoid. To tell Gus it is rigged to a truck stop, where he would work ( `` Problem Dog )... Working relationship with Mike, Gus usually uses an American accent, as season!: use custom templates to tell Lalo after Jimmy posts his bail cartel... Mike are waiting, Victor returns with Jesse, dropping the box cutter '' ) him dangerous!
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