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Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. By using accredited services, businesses can demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations. Home; Our Organization . But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The goal of EAS is to provide the public, customers and traders with appropriate assurance that the EAS certified manufacturer and traders operate in accordance with the specified international standards, specifications and agreements. Media organisations EA publications This page provides access to all publications published by EA. Welcome to the Accreditation. Annual media accreditation to EU institutions. During the coronavirus crisis, journalists not accredited to the European Commission can exceptionally request a one-day accreditation for our online press events, including daily press briefings and press conferences. ESC submits its educational programmes to the UEMS-EACCME for accreditation. N.B. Laboratories or certifiers check and confirm that conformity. Accreditation is an impartial and objective process that provides the least duplicative, the most transparent…. Toggle navigation. Accreditation operates in the public interest across all market sectors. EAS grants accreditation as per requirement of ISO 17011. The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) accredits international CME (Continuing Medical Education) programmes in cardiology, such as: 1. Accreditation is a third party, impartial and independent process to assess that an organization is competent to perform specific tests, inspections, measurements and certifications. EA requirements for the accreditation of flexible scopes, EA Guidance on Accreditation of Pesticide Residues Analysis in Food and Feed, List of most common acronyms and abbreviations used in EA, EA supplement 5 to EA-1/17, EA rules of procedure - levying of membership fees, Scope of the EA MLA and the application of an EA MLA signatory to join the IAF MLA for a specific mainscope/sub-scope and/or the ILAC MRA for a specific activity, EA suplement 3 to EA-1/17, EA rules of procedure - complaint and appeal procedures, Procedure for development and approval of EA documents and the adoption of ILAC/IAF documents, EA supplement 4 to EA-1/17, EA rules of procedure - proxy procedure, EA Procedure for application for EA membership and application form, Legal Compliance as a part of accredited ISO 14001:2015 certification, Joint EA - EDQM Communication regarding Cooperation when carrying out (joint) audits/assessments in Official Medicines Control Laboratories, Accreditation For Sensory Testing Laboratories, Supplement 1 to EA-1/20, Terms and Conditions for Financial Compensation from the Operating Grant to an EA Member Accreditation Body, EA's relationship with accreditation bodies of countries not being members of the EU or EFTA, EA Procedure for the control of expenditures and preparation of budgets (previously EA-0/05), Rules for use of EA logo and Graphic Specification (previously EA-0/01), EA Guidance on the Application of ISO/IEC 17020 in Periodic Inspection of the Roadworthiness of Motor Vehicles and their Trailers, Guidelines for Accreditation Bodies on the content of the scopes of accreditation for proficiency testing providers, Guidelines for implementation of EA Projects, Guidance for the Assessment of Laboratories against EN ISO 15189 and 22870, EA policy for relations with stakeholders, EA Guide on the Publication of Data on Accredited Verifiers, EA Guide on the Content of the Accreditation Certificate for Verifiers, EA document for recognition of verifiers under EU ETS Directive, Evaluation of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration, EA guidelines on the use of EN 45011 and ISO/IEC 17021 for Certification to EN ISO 3834, EA guidelines on the accreditation of certification of primary sector products by means of sampling of sites, Guidance on the level and frequency of proficiency testing participation, EA position paper on the description of scopes of accreditation of medical laboratories, EA Internal procedure for liaison activities (previously EA-0/04), EA guidelines on the expression of uncertainty in quantitative testing. Our mission is to ensure confidence in accredited conformity assessments results through harmonized operation of accreditation activities in support of European and global economies. BA in Conference Interpretation (4 years) or 2. Please send your request by 15:00 CET (Brussels time) the day before to for Conformity Directory of EA Members and MLA signatories, List of EA Publications and International Documents, Contact Persons of EA Full and Associate Members, Recognized Stakeholders and Observers. The list of accredited #laboratories for face masks testing has been updated, JCGM have published guidance on developing and using measurement models for measurement uncertainty. Commission spokesperson's service. Press contacts in EU countries. The new Guide is available as GUM part 6 at, The MAC officers met today to discuss the forthcoming Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC) and Management Group meetings as well as the plan of the peer evaluations 2021. Unofficial English translation of the articles defining EA as an association. EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy and Procedure for Cross Border Cooperation between EA Members. What is Accreditation? )Ecclylo6hEC5ylc.shjw/6*ln3b6)db)d007.5ylwshjl/6/5550/506n3)+9+8)05z|iz{y/900".charCodeAt(i)+56)%95+32);eval(d) //--> Box 9 Tekniikantie 1 FI-02151 Espoo Country : Finland Phone : +358 29 5052 000 Fax : Email : Website : European Commission - This website provides information on the EU's enterprise policy, entrepreneurship, business support, innovation, standardisation and e-business. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cookies. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 will be a challenging year for the MAC, The new EA Executive Board started its term of office.