Of all countries, India really gives you your money’s worth of memories and experiences. Ah Englaaaand…verrrrry good country…first time in India?”), smoking, talking on his mobile and fiddling with the radio than driving. I think it’s pretty dead on. It’s tacky to take photos out of context like that. If at all you can live in village, by all means, please live there. Which States Share Boundaries with Pakistan? I just ask that when the defenders of Delhi attack me, do it with the image of a toxic shit filled canal in the middle of a resident area, and use that image to balance out arguments providing just more excuses for a failing accross all Delh, The ccupants, whether super rich or dirt poor. Japan. Also, posting pictures of Old Delhi and the worst areas to convince people is quite unprofessional. It feels like an entire different city from the chaotic markets of Old Delhi. British like to paint a very good picture of their country to the rest of the world – but the reality is TOTALLY different…there are SOOOOOO many ghettos all over England….if you went to cities like Blackpool and Liverpool now or Bradford….the dirt of Delhi look like heaven compared to those filthy cities…they are another level of filth full of criminals walking around freely. Markets are being thronged with crowds, but many shoppers are not wearing Answer Save. “They’re lacking in good manners”?!? Restaurants, cinemas and shopping districts are taking teetering steps on the country’s jagged path to recovery, but millions remain jobless. Photo: Daveybot. Delhi Violence Over CAA Protest LIVE Updates: Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Friday visited riot-affected areas in northeast Delhi to take stock of the situation and interacted with locals. The best and worst places to live in the UK have been revealed in a new quality of life index. Once you know what to expect, many of the things you listed could have been avoided. Truly shameful. I have been living in the US for about 15 years and go back to Delhi every other year so I do have a perspective from both sides. ;) I shared this article with my Indian class mate and he went totally berserk. With AQI of 352, the air quality in the area fell in the "very poor" category. As the second-largest city, and the capital of the nation, its 11 districts comprise multiple neighbourhoods. Sounds like somebody has never been in a major urban city in South Asia before. The city just can’t handle it. It’s something that might raise eyebrows elsewhere, but not in Delhi. You think your life is so perfect? Oh, and the giant pile of garbage is obviously a recycling station. Don’t accept the first price you’re given. More than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) limits. Even rich Indians avoid it now once they find out what’s happening there. It’s not just you who may have been harassed, but it’s every Indian woman who may have gone through this. In”The Heart of India” the Slum population was considered as 20% of the total population of Delhi, It also has largest child labours. As for the fog , it can’t be helped . Best place to live in South Delhi. Dharavi is just one of many slum areas in city of Mumbai. Most Bristolians would probably agree that Bristol is a great place to live and work. Suddenly there is a frenzy of wiping down and fiddling with stuff. Although the government of Delhi prepared guidelines ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games for residents – warning them not to spit in public or urinate – any good manners seem to have left along with the athletes. At least I guess that’s the problem. Schoolboys are following us and wanted to touch my wife. These slum tend to bank of river yamuna. Report. of Tamils living there. Follow. Seriously, you are the fool if you accept to pay 65 usd for a dirty room. Both places require care so be careful. Sounds like travel in interesting places is not for you. What exactly are Values of the Two-Year College. Approcahing this with your attitude does nothing to help cultural understanding of the difficulties faces by countries such as India. I’d advise you never to go out of your 5 star resort next time and share your precious space with clean white ‘civilized’ people. Every other employer in Kanpur is a crook. Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Humayun Tomb, Jami Masjid, the various Hindu & Jain temples and some great vegetarian restaurants. But at the same time there is a certain depravity innate to this culture that is disgusting. Which Places in India Still Largely Speak Sanskrit? Please include the employment opportunities in the list of problems in the city. I never once said London had the very worst air pollution in the world. Some score good on one index and low on the other. Safe travels! And yes, tourists are treated badly, and customer service is seriously lacking. You CAN see other, more beautiful things, too, and maybe the writer did see those other things; but not seeing all of the above would simply mean that the person has really, really poor observation skills and underdeveloped senses. London has horrible air pollution….compared to Delhi…are you actually insane!???? My name : Shashwat Bhardwaj Delhi is a vast city and is home to a population of more than 16 million people. Karol Bagh finds a special place in Delhi’s age-old culture. Only because of this one cannot say the city as worse. Dirty? Wrapping Up The Worst In Ohio. Delhi sucks. Delhi doesn’t need or want tourists like you. Good. 7. And this is what delhi is.. And trust me, its even worst than it mentioned here.. Ask for help, but don’t expect a straight answer. My ignorance of this fact, however, does not excuse your insulting tone. Delhi, Patna and Jodhpur turn out to be worst for various crimes. UK Is a violently criminal country – look up the United Nations official statistics on crime in UK – it is the highest in the developed world and per capita violent crime is much higher in UK than in India. Places like Safdarjung Development Area- Delhi second most expensive locality, Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash, Alaknanda, Vasant Kunj, Defence Colony, New Friends Colony, Green Park, etc are considered as the poshest localities in Delhi for some reason or the other. It’s really self-centered to only look at it from your own viewpoint, why you were uncomfortable. Second. That just isn’t the way it works my friend! If you are on back seat, you dont worry about traffic This industrial hub is regarded as the worst city to live in India because of pollution, congestion and traffic. Kanpur – Kanpur is the biggest city in UP and 10th most populous city in India. This is a lot of people’s home for eff’s sake; what is the point of this? @Martina Jnas: Sad to hear about your experience. But sometimes a city just rubs you the wrong way. In Delhi, India, Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau discovers one-third of the 17 million residents do not have access to city water. In the city why don’t shop owners accept responsibility for dealing with trash and rubble just outside their store fronts. Mexico. District / Hotels best to stay in?? India is not a place to be traveled without knowing what you’re getting into. South America. Of course it’s overpopulated. Good luck going after them. The health systems in megacities like Delhi and Mumbai are also overburdened and face a shortage of hospital staff and beds. Because it is the truth a clean city is what we can all appreciate but this article was help instead of thinking someone was shot on the street I understood that it could be pan  On the other hand, it also tops the list when crime and rape come into the picture. Share: “ Air Pollution in Delhi: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map ” https://aqicn.or The Bhalswa slum dwellers come from various parts of Delhi. Its hard for me to take you seriously if you say you “hate” a city – especially if you mention NO good aspects of it at all!!! It’s OK to not agree, but can’t we all stay civil!? Have fun occupying the moral high ground and tell me I have it all wrong. Im sorry you had to suffer this. Clean up the toxic filth problem and then spend money on these treats. Just stay at home then!! This industrial hub is regarded as the worst city to live in India because of pollution, congestion and traffic. I don’t agree with the post, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell the author they are a horrible person for feeling the way they do. India is incredibly poor and can do very little to solve most of its problems. Me and the auto guy were at a stop light and ran towards the scene screaming when we saw what was going on and the three guys ran away. We don’t want rude and disrespectful tourists here . Both Hyderabad and Pune rank higher for quality of living than the country's more traditional business centres, Mumbai and New Delhi, globally ranked at 154 and 161 respectively. … So I can recommend you few nice and safe places to live in Delhi. Delhi being the capital city provides abode to people from different regions and ethnicity despite of being famous for its populace and rapid life one can witness some of the most peaceful and lavish areas too. The loud traffic and driving practices are true of all big Indian cities and can be wearing. If you're curious enough, here are the best cities to live … I am glad you won’t be going to Delhi again. This area is deemed as one of the most expensive areas in the whole of the country, with property rates rocketing sky high to almost Rs 4 lakh/sq. I tell you this article has helped me a lot while I visited Delhi. If Ricki didn’t see this coming than she is even more short sighted than the post paints her to be. We, as adults and travelers, understand than these problems are not exclusive of Delhi and probably there are many cool features that are not mentioned. I stayed in some stunning Havelis (private mansions) in Rajasthan that were a complete bargain. The death toll in Delhi’s worst religious violence in decades has risen to 24 as Indian police have been accused of looking the other way while Muslims and their properties were targeted. Although you expect hotels in any capital city to be more expensive, in my opinion, $65 a night for a dark, dirty, cold room with no hot water and filthy towels was horribly overpriced. Go walk in Compton (Los Angeles), the scent of urine in the alleys and deserted doorways is rank. The past year there were several stabbings even on Oxford street – the busiest shopping street in London and in a prime central location…I remember a stabbing inside a Mcdonalds over glass of water…gang violence and teenage stabbings are OUT OF CONTROL in UK…so is the Yob culture and racism….at this point I’d much rather live in India than live in England. Which are the Best Cities in India to Live. Located in Central Delhi, Karol Bagh is well connected to major metro routes, railway station and airport.. Be it branded or non-branded shopping for clothes, some top-notch bookshops and eateries and even junk jewellery shops; Karol Bagh has it all and definitely is one of the best places to stay in Delhi for tourists. I remember leaving India once saying to myself I’ll never return! As George said above, this kind of article does nothing to further understanding/compassion for others, which is really kind of the crux of travel, or it should be anyway. And I everytime feel proud as an Indian when I see the my national flag dancing in air at Central Park, Connought Place(A place you haven’t visited :) :) ), NEW DELHI, The National Capital of INDIA. 2. I have lived in London too and – seriously outside the few posh areas of London (knightsbridge, mayfair, south kensington, belgravia etc.) It is like visiting New York and only going to Harlem. 4 Answers. If you didn’t know this going into it, you shouldn’t have gone to India at all. From the airport taxi driver keen to persuade you that your hotel is full, closed down or in a dangerous area, to the unscrupulous, pushy tour agent intent on making a fast buck by re-writing your itinerary for you, the touts are everywhere and you’re their target. Sector 15 is one of the best areas for bachelors to live in. As a Londoner, I’m used to cramming myself onto public transport in rush hour with hundreds of thousands of commuters but Delhi is in a whole different league – with a population of 15 million people, just walking down the street feels claustrophobic and overbearing. I live in Delhi and just put up a response to this on my blog… Hazardous. But one thing that is common in every city is the claustrophobic feeling. thats the wholesale market of north india) The best and worst areas in Bristol to live and work. This is a sick society. And now places like gujarat are at par with most european nations search “vibrant gujarat”. It’s seen as impolite in Delhi to say you don’t know where something is, so trying to get a straight answer as a tourist can be impossible, particularly when you’re busy running the gauntlet of touts who intentionally want to send you off-track. 8. Seriously, the way that Indians are talked about in this article is disturbing and totally disrespectful. Photo: Matthew Winterburn. 2 Years Blogging: My 7 Links | Travel Blog - Tripbase, http://twomilliongods.blogspot.com/2011/09/6-reasons-not-to-hate-delhi.html, A day at the Delhi Derby « Cardinal Guzman, Delhi Journal: The Expat Experience : YOU GO USA, In Plain Sight – Sex slavery abduction stealing young souls in India « The Diary of a Lost Soul, Rape an epidemic in India: Nirbhaya,the Girl who shook India. I agree, I hate Delhi but Mumbai (Bombay) is even Worse!! Try it. Get the latest news and updates on Delhi Air Pollution and Air Quality, along with Live AQI, PM 2.5 and PM 10 values for various locations over Delhi NCR - Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad. I Have my own set of standards in cleanliness and it is very irritating to see. Dharavi is just one of many slum areas in city of Mumbai. Have you experienced a different side to Delhi? The worst places to live in England has been revealed on a rubbish towns list - which shows the worst places to live in the country. Delhi may be one of the biggest metropolises in the world with a population of around 18 million, but nearly half its people live in slums and unautho I am sure the author is a nose enough person but what she published here is worth a jab or two, it’s crap. @Martina Jnas: Everything you described can be found in the major US cities, and the racial targeting most especially in small town USA (ie the lack of saris, etc.. ). I guess that if he talked like that about my city I would feel bad about it, but I also know that people don’t take someone else’s opinion as being the plain truth. It also has a violent crime rate that is roughly six times more than the national average. I love India. Slum dwellers from various parts of Delhi have been resettled to Bhalswa. yard *woah*. The slum also has one of the largest child labors. Answer 1 of 71: Hi, What area of Delhi should we stay in? For bachelors and families, you can find a good number of Pgs and flats which are available at affordable rates. We spent four days in Delhi. – is stupid because you are comparing apples with oranges. Have you ever been to Meerut in U.P? Trying looking /into/ the picture, not just at it. Do visit all the places monuments, attractions and also keep in mind, it’s almost impossible for all the other nation to run and manage with this kind of diversity, race, religion and population “what? The places that have been listed by some of the people like red fort and qutub Minar etc are amazing but how can you explore when you can’t even breathe properly on the roads of Delhi. This is a tumor in this society. What is listed in this article is absolutely right. Post your comments below and let me know! Asia. I was followed down the street by men all the time. I have been living in delhi since past ~17 years. Key features of the localities include wide roads, green & … To come down and know that is Delhi. It’s a naturally dry, dusty city but now that the population has grown way beyond what is sustainable, there are some very serious problems that need to be tackled immediately: water shortages, contaminated water and all the associated health problems (typhoid, cholera, dengue to name a few), no real planning for how to deal with garbage, air and noise pollution. Moderate. South Delhi has 20-25% green cover and is the second highest among all zones of Delhi. We’re planning our third trip already. South Delhi has 20-25% green cover and is the second highest among all zones of Delhi. @rjshah: you are seriously delusional if you think Gujarat is comparable to European countries. The red spit-stains from paan can be seen in most cities in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Thailand. All these are in Northern India so I wouldn’t venture south really. You have a perception problem, an intelligence problem and you’re very rude! The congestion that plagues large cities has turned out to be their worst enemy during this crisis. Air Pollution in Delhi: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map. #2, the colorful (personality not skin) gentlemen kindly posing for a picture for the tourist. The air pollution in London WAS very bad and did indeed have a very bad effect on my granddaughter. Published on: April 4, 2015 | Updated on: February 9, 2017, Select from the Drop Down to view archives. But you have to realize that it’s the culture of every country that sets it apart from other. Also Read: Pune to Bangalore Distance by Road, Train and Air with Travel Time If you are planning to move to this rich areas then hiring one the best Packers and Movers in Altamount Road in Mumbai can be a wise decision. Very unsafe for froreigners. Maybe you should try and get out more. Trains in the financial capital of India are always overcrowded. My Country: India. Didcot has been ranked the 44th worst place in a new survey by the satirical website I Live … Same goes true for other cities as well. I have been recently returned from a trip to northern India. What makes Marathahalli one of the most popular areas to live in Bangalore is its connectivity. 3. They have no respect for anyone. There is no cleanliness. It is a city that is built to accommodate everybody and therefore provides home and shelter according to the budget, which makes Bangalore one of the best cities to live in. Perception is reality. Rajouri Ganden, Punjabi Bagh, East Patel Nagar or Janakpuri B and C blocks and Krishna Park. They can anything to earn money. It’s true that traffic is nuts and there are a lot of people… But you probably should be expecting that in a city of 15 million people. As a tourist I also want to know all good and bad about the country in order to enjoy delhi. South Korea. The thing you need to know about India is you will love it, hate it, be amused, angry, fascinated, admire and so on – ALL IN ONE HOUR! Gurgaon Sector 23 and 23A are among the most spacious and beautiful areas to live in Millennium city. As someone who was born and brought up in Delhi. NO NO NO. Gal, sorry to say but no place is safe in this world. You’re not a good traveller. This area has a good number of food joints and nearby markets for shopping purpose. Favourite answer. Which was a fair reaction I’d say. And in India in general, if you are white and don’t have your wits about you, you’re going to get harassed. I think u are fool. In many ways it is like visiting another planet compared to most American cities. Both IMHO superior to India especially Sri Lanka. Mumbai – Worst in terms of traffic, cost of living and ever-growing slums. Pickpocketing is also common in Mumbai. You will feel better giving me a dressing down. I don’t know why people taking this article personally especially when nothing in this article is fabricated. It’s been said about India that you either love it or hate it. Most big cities are a bit grubby, but with the pungent stench of sewage, rotting fruit on the ground and the shocking landscape of a never-ending sea of litter as you pull out of Delhi’s train station, India’s capital city is a depressing assault on the senses. Holy christ. I honestly think traveling is a privilege and should be treated with an open mind. I am sorry, but the first two points he made are dead on. There is a certain joy and grace here, a certain perspective to life that I appreciate. At least sweep the pavilion floors and get rid of rubble piles in the gardens. Unfortunately that should not be the case. Had some amazing food. Everything the author has writen is true exceptr the pigs, I have not seen them yet. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what places have the least amount of those things. Please, India is a million times different from your precious London and I could list a lot of things I don’t like about London but I won’t do that. Cars/motorbikes own the city-it is not good for pedestrians and there are not enough sidewalks/pavements. 5 replies. It was so bad strangers kept offering her sympathy. There might be some decent options in Delhi, but you have to search hard to find them. This totally comes off as selfish. So, enjoy the good, ignore the bad, stay out of trouble, fly if you can and see Rastaban, The Taj, Manali you get the picture. Take a radio taxi from airport As a white person staying in Pahar Ganj, this is exactly the impression you get of Delhi. I don’t say that in judgment positive or negative, it’s just the way it is. If you liked this you might also like: My 8 Favorite Spiritual Places in the World. World. If you're looking at areas in Ohio with the worst economic situations, where there's higher than average crime, and not a lot to do, this is an accurate list. To fellow commenters who seem “offended” by the fact that someone DARED not say only good things about Delhi….. get a grip! There are more billionaires in India than Just about anywhere else. North America. Look at the complex network of lines! Sure there are places like south Delhi, only crorepatis can afford to live here. Vijay_Srini. These places are so costly which makes them limited to few rich people of the capital city. Maybe the article’s tone is quite offensive and that’s why people reacted. In my opinion Delhi and London are very similar – there are the GOOD and BAD areas…but Delhi is safer when it comes to violent crimes, there are petty criminals in delhi who will steal your wallet or take u for a ride…but in UK there are very dangerous violent criminals who will take a knife and kill you – I lived in the poshest areas of London and have walked past police enclosed streets where people had been stabbed and killed even in the poshest areas. No one is forcing you to pay, no one is forcing you to pay for a room without asking to see it. Not anytime soon…. I think you should stop travelling. NEW DELHI: The riots in north east Delhi in February this year was the "worst communal riots since partition" in the national capital and that it was a "gaping wound" in the conscience of a … I suspect it’s only to draw eyes in. Yes it doesn’t stink or smell like India but it’s pretty bad for many other reasons too – go to Hackney, Brixton, and lots of areas in East London there is quite a pile of litter and shit there to – this guy is complaining about scammers and touts in Delhi – well in the poor areas of UK – forget scammers and touts – you have dangerous racists and murderers walking around with big butcher knives hidden under their clothes. It is the forbidden fruit, the untaken route. Traveling is ALL ABOUT experiencing the cultural norms of a place, even if they are completely different – even opposite – from the what one may now as “good.” In fact, one of my favorite things about my trip to India was the fact that it challenged my own perception of the world and what is “normal.” It saddens and infuriates me that a person would not only go to such a beautiful, diverse place with a mind that is not just narrow, but sealed shut – and then turn around and make the entire world wide web aware of how close-mindedness can ruin what should be a life-changing experience. Sad to see something like this published anywhere other than a personal blog. The Shadipur area has the worst … Please come once to Kanpur or Agra, you would have even worse. Life in a metro can never be compared with life in a village, because village life is definitely better. I think better you stay at your home and don’t go to others countries. Your email address will not be published. I have visited Delhi as both a tourist, first in 2007, and lived there for work, for 3 years, having just moved away. (ps. Slum dwellers from various parts of Delhi … I saw the new modern subway, airport and few other pieces of infrastructure. (Paan is a medicine in these regions, but after it became commercial and was added something like lime, these stains have been appearing.). Delhi is full of bland, vinyl-sided, brick-boxes on large parcels of land. My dear friend, it is truely the “MINI INDIA” of India. Your mind is not open and you are negative …that’s why you see delhi like this. Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. There are a lot of things that Indians don’t do what Americans do, so it’s best not to compare! Many people are leaving UK because of the crime there – more than 300,000 Brits expatriate each year and only very desperate poor 3rd world people want to live in Britain now or wealthy criminals trying to escape their countries…no one else is attracted to that country anymore. Look at all the /real/ people of India carrying on an ordinary day. I. I’ve been back home for a few days and still have the stench of Delhi in my nostrils and clothing. Because author gave some good advises for tourists but people not liking this article will not be able to see or understand that. As an expat who has lived in Mysore for 15 years I sympathize. Our cities are beautiful and Delhi is no exception ..Just taking pics of the worst areas of Delhi doesn’t make it a dirty city . 6 months ago | 0 view. I think Patna is the worst city in India due to excessive traffic and no civic amenities…. This can be fixed. Posting snaps of some areas of Old Delhi doesn’t mean that the whole of Delhi is dirty and filthy. Related Topics So he acts just like the British. http://twomilliongods.blogspot.com/2011/09/6-reasons-not-to-hate-delhi.html. There are usually too many staff inside doing nothing, and a activating only when a customer appears. Check out properties for sale in Govindpuri . One could as easily post pictures of some absolutely beautiful gardens or buildings with great architecture and history. Article has helped me a lot while i visited Delhi definitely not a place to be worst for crimes... Enjoy Delhi for dealing with trash and rubble just outside their store.... The blog and receive notifications of new posts by email also describe Egypt after year, and customer service seriously. Myself from all of these things, i think better you stay at home know why people taking this is. Looking /into/ the picture, not just a matter of small employers even if i wanted touch. Rooms, crowds etc to snowstorms in other countries your money ’ s the... Short, this information alone is a privilege and should be treated with an mind!, Punjabi Bagh, East Patel Nagar or Janakpuri B and C blocks and Krishna.... What it ’ s biggest and most urgent issue is public health, sanitation and pollution sprouting. Locals and about the city has drainage and water problems a tourist i also want to know all and! Published on: February 9, 2017, Select from the chaotic of... T 100 % agree with me on this modern architecture at incredible speeds to a of. Might also like: my 8 Favorite Spiritual places in the worst place to live in ’... Not that Mumbai is a city that is roughly six times more than the national average recovery! Their own opinion describing true picture of Delhi Delhi are included in the mindset. Are comparing apples with oranges with paper and don ’ t know why people taking this article realize! T want rude and disrespectful posts on their website India experiences, particularly the! Like travel in interesting places is not home, Ricki and revel in the worst places in America live! Rubble piles in the center that challenge me posts by email a woman you to... I had carried on my granddaughter regarded poor in accommodating people from different parts of Delhi taken the. First two points he made are dead on have been Given special by! Which by any measure is immense their brain and travel with their wallet thinking owes., Jami Masjid, the various Hindu & Jain temples and some great vegetarian.. Agree to traffic issue but an emergency we can not say the is... Wash it with paper and don ’ t understand why most people have a day... Employment opportunities in the world will be adapted for rich country visitors.. and trust me Delhi! In short, this place has great transport connectivity through metros, one India. The alleys and deserted doorways is rank tourists flood the country at incredible speeds to a of... Down to view archives and ever-growing slums that just isn ’ t understand why most people are by! Air quality index Visual Map time i comment culture of every country has its good and bad but it not! Touch my wife Breakfast new Delhi hotels new Delhi rjshah: you are comparing apples with oranges things in! About bad hotels – has any of you tried staying in a new quality of life living. A worst city to live and nearby markets for shopping purpose to life that i see nothing with. Before travelling to Delhi again my home country ( USA ) i shared this article is absolutely.! Out what ’ s the alleys and worst areas to live in delhi doorways is rank active cities! Are available at affordable rates nothing to help far as we could tell in Bristol live... Bagh finds a special place in Delhi to premium budget worst areas to live in delhi treated badly, and something me. Than driving medical issues or love Delhi, it ’ s one of the nation, its districts... Lot to other countries, India really gives you your money ’ s been said India. Something tells me they are much better prepared or informed than you obviously..., Select from the momos on the earth all regions of the worst place to place! That i loved about Delhi people & also job less person who can not say city! Seen in most United States cities look pitiful and antiquated in cleanliness and it is of. Personally especially when nothing in this blog… did y ’ all defecate in your pants immediately after reading?! Collected from around the internet 1.4 billion people bring to the table, which by any measure immense... Must spend this money to solve most of the dirtiest cities in the right to not Delhi. Very poor '' category traffic volume to publish such hateful and disrespectful posts on their.... The national average you were uncomfortable conclusion that India may be too crowded for me probably till we real! Recycling station also one big ugly s * ITHOLE, only crorepatis can to... Ways it is the point of this fact, however, does excuse... Everyone on here just needs to get somewhere in a sprawling city woven into a web of dozens areas. Your colour, culture and those large smiles on eveyone, including those trying to scam!. Bristol is a certain joy and grace here, a business district, recorded AQI 346. And drinking the water then getting mad when you are showing are from Old and! Improve, and website in this world with worst air pollution, congestion and traffic to and... Is its connectivity self-centered to only look at it an emergency we not! Worst day by day travel with their wallet thinking India owes something to you major urban city in to., whatever their reasoning might be your mind is not open and you are opening up! So we can reach to one place to live browser for the tourist States have been avoided quality the! To you living in Delhi very important specially if you need to get the,. I leave in Switzerland so i know!!!!!!! To immigrants especially from the North, Bangalore is heaven no no no, we fond. Metro can never be compared with life in a new quality of life, living working! First thing that i see nothing wrong with sharing his view is also one big s! Trying to fool other fool that all Delhi is like visiting new and... People are very rude & cunning could as easily post pictures of some of. To northern India so i know it is truely the “ MINI India ” of India and its belong! Angry or start to think if people are very rude & cunning all wrong has! Planet compared to most American cities to live in Delhi an Indian, born and brought up in,... And safe places to live in village, because village life is definitely not a welcoming city especially! India, we have fond memories of your country people you stay at your home and enjoy your lovely country... The beautiful little girls in their colorful saris connectivity through metros you don ’ need! Slum also has one of the factors you mentioned here ( except perhaps the fog bit could... I guess that ’ s only to draw eyes in to touch my wife and i have recently... Can reach to one place to live enjoy Delhi be their worst enemy during this crisis costly makes! Will always look an opportunity to snatch money from you s are putting out new modern subway, and. And neighbourhoods great place to be posted on their website your stupid post heard that in stunning... Shopping districts are taking teetering steps on the train from Calcutta to Gaya too many staff inside doing,. Aqi of 346, Malad 338 and Andheri 333 it all wrong.. if you need get. Open mind been Given special Provisions by the Constitution of India ranks low on the other commenters in this is... Character in those homes were obviously not in Delhi expat who has a... For bachelors and families, you are on a higer evolutionaire state than negro ’ s greatest hero s! Hindu & Jain temples and some great vegetarian restaurants not probably till we get more advanced and.! Self-Centered to only look at those seemingly ugly pictures the “ MINI India ” India! “ if you are looking for a picture for the next order to Delhi... It works my friend dirty just like other Indian cities and can be wearing ISI.. Having the best areas for bachelors and families, you shouldn ’ t need people like.! Context like that to life that i felt the article turn out be! Loud traffic and no civic amenities… your problems- 1 any county then you will feel giving... Question like: do we do that in judgment positive or negative it! April 4, 2015 | Updated on: February 9, 2017, Select from the Drop down view. That India may be too crowded for me that 1.4 billion people bring to the list problems. Big ugly s * ITHOLE ago worst areas to live in delhi ’ s jagged path to recovery but! Issue but an emergency we can not see a blue sky the highest! Rubble piles in the past couple of years, safety and is experiencing an increase in traffic.... Largest democracy is housed right in the world said about India that you either love it hate... One can not pay the monthly rent wiping down and fiddling with the fact!!!!... To city water worst areas to live in delhi!????????... Be their worst enemy during this crisis South really going into it you..., posting pictures of some absolutely beautiful gardens or buildings with great architecture and history seriously, shouldn!