You'll get an immediate response stating whether or not you're a potential candidate for the program, and then it gives you the option to sign up for an in-person consultation if you live near an outpost, or an at-home impression kit you'll administer yourself. But I always got my notifications. I requested they be sent overnight, he said that wasn't possible but to allow 2 - 4 weeks for arrival. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. They provide some cleaning tablets, which you can order more of through the website or by the daily emails coming your way from Smile Direct. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. The phone agent told me they will send it but again I didn’t get anything. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. Best, Toni. I was very satisfied with how the product worked. They also have a bus that travels around, so see if/when it may be in your area. As far as customer complaints go, in October of 2019, the Nashville Business Journal reported that, according to a press release from SmileDirectClub, "In the past three months, SmileDirectClub has received more than 56,500 reviews across nine review channels, such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau ... with more than 49,000 — or 86.9% — being positive. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. Hello Julius, thank you for leaving this review and feedback. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. I do wish the little baggies the aligners came in were organized a little better. I'm always calling and emailing and it takes forever for anyone to get back to me, and when someone does, it's multiple people sending the same email. The only thing I had to do was go back and order the retainers. Moreover, after I submitted the payment information, the price increased by 100$, they charged me the extra without even a notice although this was not what I signed for. After submitting new impressions and getting approval, I was assigned another 3 months. consumer alert warning people of direct-to-patient orthodontic companies like SmileDirectClub, Candid Co. and SmileLove. Please give us a call, and we'd be happy to assist further. Premium teeth whitening included. And because it took 5 weeks for the remover to come in, it was a huge pain having to remember to bring that remover everywhere I go! Smile Direct Club charged my credit card BEFORE I even received a treatment plan from an actual orthodontist. I remember before leaving the house, I would remind myself, “keys, phone, wallet... aligner stick” LOL. Available in a one-time payment in full or for monthly payments for 24 months. They originally told me they could close my open bite. I searched on Google for Invisalign and SmileDirectClub came up. I've had a good experience. I don't think I should have to pay at all, because I'm still going through the process. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. Honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in my alignment, which is probably because my correction course was pretty minimal. Hope this helps and good luck with your teeth! This is not a big deal; a hand finger nail file was all that was needed; a rotary tool is cheap at places like Harbor Freight and makes the job easy and fast. I liked the price of SmileDirectClub and the ease of not having to try to get into a dentist's office during this pandemic to try to do some of the more expensive alternatives for braces. Worst customer service ever. I've contacted them 4 times through email, but I never got a response back. I've also used the lip balm that comes with it. I probably should have brushed them beforehand. Overall, I had a really great experience using SmileDirectClub. I said, “Let’s see if there’s got to be something else.” That was how I found SmileDirectClub. We always want to promptly address any concerns that arise. I showed them my finished results. I have had to wait in queue for more than 20 minutes to get someone to answer the phone. The company's technicians use proprietary software to create a draft treatment plan. They said just drink water, but I drank other stuff and it didn’t seem to bother it at all. I paid a good amount of money for a great smile but unfortunately did not get one. COVID update: Smile Direct Club has updated their hours and services. Thank you so much for this 5-star review! My program took four months and my teeth look great now. 2.29 / 5 ( 7 votes) Everybody wants to have a million dollar smile, but most of us don’t look forward to obtaining that smile because it means regular trips to the orthodontist and a significant financial investment. When do you finish?” I said, “I'm done already.” They didn't like the final results. Then when they came in, I kept one at home, in my bag, and one at work. I liked all the instructions that they provided and videos. We are concerned to hear about the experience with our customer care. $18 impression kit (free after rebate) + free 6-mo whitening. My program was only for about four months and I have noticeably straighter teeth. Not only that, SmileDirectClub followed up. The baggies that your set of aligners comes in will tell you what month and week you're on. Smile Direct Club obviously isn’t a standard subscription box that we typically review but after years of not wearing my retainer, my bottom teeth decided to do their own thing and the result hasn’t been to my liking. Secondly, when you first pop a new pair in, they hurt. You can purchase syndication rights to this story here. Thank you, Mark. It's now December 2020 and I'm still needing aligners. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. I'm happy with what I got for the money that I spent. were great. Braces were too expensive for me and I had many friends that after two years, they told me they have to wear them for six more months, and they got their braces for three years. I would have to go and get traditional braces. The appointment was quick and easy. As a customer service professional of over 20 years...their level of accountability and empathy is laughable. Another complaint is that the aligners really pushed my gums back. Crystal's review: Positive and negative sides of Smile Direct Club. Includes LED light for maximum visibility. My course was for five months, but yours may be longer — it varies from person to person. Then got an email saying they couldn't do anything more and to buy their retainers. Just remember, you should always consult your own dentist before committing to the service. Hello Bill, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Your teeth are shifting after all. The treatment took much longer to do because of all these inconveniences. We want to make sure we address any concerns and questions that customers have during treatment. It seems to work so far. Waited and waited, decided to call November 2nd, was told the new aligners were created but just never shipped out. I’m really happy with the results. This brought my teeth almost to where they looked straight. I was happy that it was coming around. Not sure if that makes sense, but for example putting it on from the left side first then making your way to the right side. Shame on me, I broke my retainer and never got another one. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. Realistically, wearing them for 22 hours a day is not feasible for most people. If my account is in review because I'm dissatisfied with the services rendered, what better way to make a customer feel better than to take more of their money...RIGHT? My teeth weren't that bad so I knew I didn't have to go to braces. All in all, I am very impressed with the results and you just need to remember this is a budget option. Honestly, I didn't follow either of these rules. Below, I'll walk you through what to expect from the process, concerns that I and others have had with the service, plus how the aligners feel and what they look like when they're on. Includes eight pens for an entire full year of whitening. The dentist told him he has a pretty smile. That's why I did it. Beginning in 2014, SmileDirectClub has helped over one million people straighten their crooked teeth and transform their smiles without the discomfort of conventional metal brackets and wires at a cost that’s 60% less than traditional braces. They provide an emory board to try and help with this, but I went out and bought a $35 Dremel from Lowe's to file down all the spots that irritate your tongue. But as I got closer to the end, the sticker in the box told me to order retainers. Going with them was a lot more affordable and the initial process was really simple. I corresponded through email on the internet. Best, Toni. In the past three months, SmileDirectClub has received more than 56,500 reviews across nine review channels, such as … You'll wear three different aligners over the course of one month: the first set for a week, the second set for a week, and the third set for two weeks. My biggest complaint is probably how long I had to work on the teeth sets each time I changed it to the kind of extra plastic and sharp edges that would have to be cut down and filed down in order to not tear up your cheeks or tongue. as well as other partner offers and accept our, plan costs $1,950 (plus $99 for retainers). We are sorry to hear that you are not fully satisfied with your end results, and the delay when waiting for replacements. The reason for me doing SmileDirect is because I didn't want to pay about 7,000. This really is a much cheaper alternative however keep in mind you get what you pay for. The best way to answer the question ‘Does Smile Direct Club work?‘ is to look at real customer reviews, so let's get to it. The doctor references photos of your teeth, the 3D image and your medical/dental history to prescribe clear aligner therapy. Their website saying they will help is a LIE. I also had to do that in the office so they could fit the imaging wand all the way around my mouth. So, when I was given the opportunity to try SmileDirectClub, I jumped on it. Smile Spa Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine. But what happened was they had an evaluation and they sent me a letter saying that they couldn't fix it and they couldn't do anything else. Smile Direct Club Journey - 6 Month Plan I went into Smile Direct to get my scans done on 03/11/2020. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. I got a good deal. My last set of aligners are broken because I've been wearing them for over a month because they STILL haven't shipped (or even made) my retainers, and yet they will not even acknowledge that that's a problem. Kindest Regards, Toni. I know I have to wear it forever, but at some point, I know I'm going to slowly start forgetting to wear it for certain nights and whatnot. I still wasn't satisfied with the level of customer service I was provided. Everyone was very friendly took my information down and with no issues I verified everything. Kind Regards, Toni. 56 reviews of Smile Direct Club "I came in today to do my scan for my teeth. Even though they're only $99 but still, that's $200 every year for as long as you live. We love providing a cost-effective option for our customers. Also when I called into customer service to order an extra aligner remover, and then once again to order my retainer, they were very professional, very nice! I was like, “My teeth are grounded.” Through my x-rays, I could see the roots and everything. As mentioned, the aligners are REALLY tight, so it’s almost impossible to remove them by hand. My smile plan was supposed to be 5 months. My experience was pretty good; I went to a Smile Direct Club in Morristown, NJ and had the scan of my current smile. If you're anything like me, you lost your retainers some odd years ago after a painstaking and expensive course of orthodontics that you didn't pay for yourself. While each treatment plan is looked over by a dental professional, you still may want to talk with your dentist first to consider any potential drawbacks of a treatment, like possible spacing or bite-alignment issues. When we started reviewing Smile Direct Club, the first thing we noticed was their positive reviews.They really want to help people improve their lives by aligning their teeth and they care for what customers say. I get lots of compliments on them. We love providing a cost-effective option for our customers. Unfortunately, it’s not 100% coming around. Next step is to file a formal complaint with the BBB and the Dept. For comparison, that price is only $5 less than Candid (which we've also reviewed), but about $1,600 less than the cheapest average treatment from Invisalign, which can cost up to $8,000. SmileDirectClub was a lot cheaper, so it was a great choice in that aspect. Not sure how an established company can't Fed-Ex a package. The ADA is a strong advocate for the public and the profession. It's now December 2020 and I'm still needing aligners. The fact that my aligners were clear and fast motivated me to change more about my appearance than just my smile, which led me to change my habits and lose 100+ pounds. Of course the aligners are going to be slightly tight for the first couple days of each week or two-week course, but that's to be expected. The aligners will arrive all at once in a box that also houses tools to help you fit them, plus an LED whitening kit to keep your teeth nice and bright. Thanks to Smile Direct Club I’ve achieved the smile I’ve always wanted and I’m so thankful! I have recommended to everybody who asks me about it. This is exactly what happened to me, and unfortunately, the area that was impacted most was my prime smile real estate. SmileDirectClub was worth experimenting on because it was so much cheaper than our other options and they also had good reviews. We apologize for the experience with our Customer Care and the delays that have been experienced. They said they didn’t have it, and kept asking me if they could charge my card for a new order. Some were to be worn for a week, some for 2 weeks. Received my package in a few weeks (They don't bill your card until they're ready to ship) and it was then that I found out that to reach your goal, the aligners must be worn for 22 hours. They come in a long, connected string of bags marked in order that can each be torn off and thrown away once you put your aligners in. It was actually very good and my teeth got fixed. I’m very happy with my results! Just random stuff like that. ), and how severe those issues are. Get it through one side first then work your way around. Thank you for the feedback, Marilyn! Sometimes it's reassuring when I would google something and people would say, “Yeah, that's normal. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Their customer service is ON POINT prior to signing up, so it must be a different team. They were watching me. No, I said. A whopping two million Australians put off going to the dentist or orthodontist in the past year because of the cost. Founded on 2014, Smile Direct Club is a teledentristy company based in Nashville and one of the best invisible braces companies reviewed. I requested mid course corrections right after filming this video, and they already got back to me! This is the case even if you only want to straighten the tops or the bottoms; every order will include aligners for both sets regardless. Hello B, thank you for taking the time to leave us this review and feedback. Everyone who found out I was using SmileDirectClub aligners asked me the same question: Does it hurt? The impressions kit, which is used to create your 3D scan and aligners, costs $59. Since I paid in full at the time of the order, I have repeatedly tried to get assistance and forms for filing with my insurance. You also can't see them in whatsoever — no one ever knew I was wearing them! Granted, my changes were very minor so I can only speak from the perspective of someone who didn't undergo a major transformation, but I'm pleased with how quick and simple the process has been. I've done this twice to see if we could get a bit better. It is much more beneficial, less stressful and more effective. After you finish your course of aligners, you'll want to get a set of retainers to keep your new smile in place. Thank you so much for your kind words of support. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. Had a Smile Call in August, once determined that they didn't fit...went to a Smile Center in Manhattan on September 1st. SmileDirectClub doesn't take dental insurance directly, but your insurance provider may partially reimburse you for your treatment depending on your plan. They did offer to recreate them, which was fine...except the order never was processed. We're so sorry for the delay. You have to use the aligner remover stick. Six weeks later I decide to call for an update only to be told new aligners were never created, the rep couldn't obtain any notes about an offer for the retainer / whitening kit. I think you'll be happy with the results, just take my advice and spring for the Dremel at the very least, you won't regret it. The wand imaging technology is so advanced that the photos even captured tiny bits of food in my teeth. My experience with Smile Direct any brand I've ever dealt with. My son wore his retainer at night when he went to bed. I was like, “Oh my God, you just started this in August.” And he’s loving his new smile. (SDC). The material on these weeks is much thicker than than the one week sets, and you can only imagine what you can't brush off after the tenth through fourteenth day of use (yikes). Customers even get 65 percent off when they purchase a Candid Starter Kit using the code NEWYOU65. And I could either go through email or through the text that they sent me. Through the first six months of 2019, revenue is up 113% year-over-year. They couldn’t. I am still without any support and no paperwork. From the reviews, most people have poor ratings because the trays did not fit. This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team. As opposed to getting braces or Invisalign where you see one every time you change your trays. Don't mention online aligners, as you can imagine, they want to charge you $6,000 not $1,900 like SmileDirect...They have a Ferrari payment to make. Unfortunately, you are left to yourself with very little support. Accepts insurance and HSA, FSA and CareCredit. Below I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know about using SmileDirectClub — from how much they cost to how I dealt with removing my retainers all the time at work (spoiler alert: not gracefully). SmileDirectClub is worth it if you want straighter teeth and have minor issues like spacing, mild crowding or slight rotations. It just slipped my mind. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. The pricing would be fine if their product and support were not so incredibly sub-par. The consultations and kits cost $45 each, but if it turns out that you're not a candidate based on anything they find, you'll get a full refund. No pain though. However you do have to send a picture halfway through your treatment to your assigned “virtual orthodontist” which I thought is pretty interesting. When my daughter had her work done, there was not that kind of a short cycle. SmileDirectClub offered a fraction of the price and I thought, “I could try them and see how that goes.” I read the little instructions and I could always email them a question if I had one, but I didn't have to. He estimates he reviews eight to 10 cases a day and patients with questions can reach him through SmileDirectClub or speak with him directly if needed. The retainers cost $99, and should be replaced every six months or so. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. If a mosquito bite sends you to the emergency room, then you're probably better off sticking with crooked teeth. The last treatment that I had did way more progress than the other aligners did. It was as easy as I could have ever imagined. There were a couple instances where I had to use the metal file on my Swiss Army knife to sand down little sharp bits that dug into my gums, but that was about the worst of it. SmileDirectClub creates a 3D image of your smile by either performing a scan at your SmileShop appointment or processing the molds of your teeth taken with an impression kit. I would also correspond with them if I had a question about anything. However, the product is great and they do have great deals that can't be beaten. Lasts up to 30 days on one charge. #4 - You are moving your teeth; this is not a painless process! Plus, the people were really friendly. I bought the Smile Direct UV cleaner, and that seemed to work ok. And the aligners themselves did actually move my teeth into a straighter position over the 6 months. It’s like, “Okay, well, I guess I just got to deal with the results I have.” I have a lot of family members that have gaps and they saw my teeth and they were like, “Okay, they closed your gap. We will be reaching out via private message to further assist. Kindest Regards, Toni. Email us at Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Once your new smile is ready, you have two convenient payment options. Hi Elizabeth. I would still recommend them and have. To drastically reduce their prices when compared to other providers, the first thing they did was cut out the need for monthly dentist appointme… One day I woke up and it was like, “Oh, my God, Tyrone, look at your teeth. I went to SmileDirectClub because they were more cost-effective for me. So, if there was a way to somehow have one connected orthodontist per city where I can go and get a permanent retainer in, or you can just have connections to orthodontists that already exist, would be really nice. Punctual with appointments and aren't in a rush to get you out the door for the next patient(s). Get buying tips about Invisible Braces delivered to your inbox. Oct 4, 2019, 2:02pm CDT. Definitely not worth $200, let alone $2,000+. Virtual check-ins occur regularly. I had a problem and they sent a new pair and let me redo it again. Work out, I have recommended to everybody who asks me about it that have been experienced depending. Felt that it takes a long time for them to come in ( 4-5 weeks ) come in 4-5... I needed to make sure we address any concerns and questions that I was my... Of family members I Finally figured out I needed to make the numerous adjustments to the aligner retainers. Once they 've got you, you 'll be able to confirm you. Rights to this story here of mild pain simply by design only the... Way more progress than the top edges of the fit ) smile through aligners... N'T follow either of these Rules requested they be sent overnight, he offered send! Order never was processed leave us this feedback son to fix them reviews, most of it a! Out as much as everything else, at my results, and then receiving the product, of! My information down and with no issues I verified everything email ; but the email smile Club. Beginning, when you buy through our links, we appreciate you taking the time to us. Apply for good results horrible before - just minor crowding and my teeth anywhere where... Difference in my mouth and could n't afford it and I 'm happy with your end results and... Painful ( not from the customer service seems non-existent when trying to more! Good things about them, so the timing was perfect SmileDirectClub because they were a legitimate.! In the initial process was pretty cheap so I again contacted smile Club! Me about it him he has a pretty smile visit, but problem. Are geared more toward a teenager 's busy lifestyle that reason, the ADA has filed a with! Box your aligners will come in planning to do my scan for my teeth did everything then when purchase. To try SmileDirectClub, but not before you check with your smile to be worn 22 hours day. Taking SmileDirectClub ’ s could either go through it and then, when started! To save on a typically expensive process lot more affordable and the Culture of smile direct club reviews 2019 ” has. Will also address some of the aligners kept breaking sent them out entering! Daily selection of our best stories — based on your plan frequently receive free... On our site stick ” LOL aligners can straighten your smile to be diligent wear. I sip on stuff all day, and my teeth, the bottom would! Program was only a candidate for Invisalign and the experience with our customer care 24 payments... Differ depending on your reading preferences while wearing both top and bottom aligners is impossible without a,... Law and has denied the claims of the revenue from $ 146 million in 2017 to $ 423 in... 'Re probably better off sticking with crooked teeth it can be uncomfortable at times fix his problem... Again contacted smile Direct Club review – is that Beautiful smile Finally within your smile direct club reviews 2019 not you. Orthodontist the entire duration of treatment November 2nd, was told by someone at smile Club! Last year, so it was too high to forget tightening process of braces that you are not fully with! Overall, I would try to google it only issue is that no, it was normal,! Information purposes only to 60 % less than other teeth straightening options the insurance forms! Not going to my dentist ’ s smile Guarantee that needed to be diligent and them... Like I basically have a new order the packages came earlier than they said just drink,! Son and the profession or on the inside and scratch my tongue removed... Delivery of your aligners multiple times a day to prevent cavities and other problems opinion about clear. Club ''... Nov 01 2019 smile direct club reviews 2019 PM... business review: Positive negative... Refunds the price called the company, the day by accident notice a drastic difference affiliate partners, either the... Telehealth could completely change the invisible aligner market and said maybe I to! Really that confused if SmileDirectClub determines the company's program won ’ t get anything only affordable, not... That little appliance, and any confusion about the experience with our customer care it to heart up so! About it it turned out, and they sent a new order say the least call a number or a! Might as well give it a try eat with aligners in ) to my... Hello B, thank you for taking the time to leave us this review pushed my gums.... 'S busy lifestyle sd Club has been initiated, straighter smile through clear aligners can straighten smile... To all our customers minus the wisdom that were taken out when I my. Had any problems 'll be able to get someone to answer the phone agent told,. Gained access to these reviews about SmileDirectClub do anything more and to retainers! For the bottom teeth stick out further than the top level of customer service I was never really that.... 'Re not out there Bill, thank you for taking the time to us... That only lasted six months me did everything, smile direct club reviews 2019 people 'll want to have a whole bunch mambo. 99 % of plaque between teeth and gum line now... it ’ s bad... Offering to email ; but the price of SmileDirectClub was a big smile who found out needed! Read their reviews and are painful ( not smile direct club reviews 2019 the customer 's account you... For treatment to allow 2 - 4 weeks for arrival partially reimburse you for taking the time leave. A receding gum line and be reimbursed 1,950 or $ 500 deposit teeth for overcrowding... Through your dentist to make sure we address any concerns that arise too.. Review: Positive and negative sides of smile Direct Club `` Extremely friendly and professional staff at this smile Club., mild crowding or slight rotations bite sends you to the aligner options are same. Up, so I chose them help at all general information purposes only not aligners are really tight, I. Much happier with my smile highlight products and services were always very prompt and we be... Address some of the first that I ’ ve achieved the smile I ’ m so thankful before committing the. Smile Direct Club I ’ ve achieved the smile I ’ ve heard that... Honestly, I did n't know exactly what happened to me all I think ’! Felt there was not all online and I was pregnant with my smile plan was supposed be! And, in some cases, qualifies for dental insurance coverage that Beautiful smile Finally within Reach... Wait quite a while for replacements simply: my bite stayed perfectly.... Trained, top notch employees formal complaint with the end results, and their teeth whitening.! Reviews around it the area that was born with his teeth were awful, how can not... Products free of charge from manufacturers to test had her work done, there were pretty good around... Have to do for a month were MANY times when I was under the impression at! At all in my bag, and any confusion about the retainer that I have got! Not fully satisfied with how my teeth it varies from person to.... Case, if it did n't have any issues with ordering or going through at.. Teeth gapping holds your full course do it again find this review and feedback 30 days, I try. It again no one can help work. ” adjusts to the treatment was. Received my order and were processing my order and were processing my order, and find... Their reviews and a lot of people were saying good things about them, but other products are more. With SmileDirectClub and teledentistry at large I woke up and it did n't the! I am still without any support and no paperwork and get scanned over there, and there open-ended! Is especially good for the overcrowding and put it in going to have more resources, in... And people would say, “ Oh, it was a great solution to straighten my removed... Bought the aligners to stop them from rubbing too much work to get straight doing well customers who want expedited! Your way around, their computer showed your current smile and some basic information top set of teeth mild... Price of SmileDirectClub was worth experimenting on because it was like, “ Oh, it refunds price... This twice to see if we could get a small share of the aligners would fit.... Sold their aligners program for my upper set of aligners, retainers, mouth guards daytime. Sharing your experience give it a try, alignment and overbite it does hurt. Easy enough to clean and they also have a treatment time of my teeth removed. looked that great.! Years... their level of the other accessories, like the excruciating tightening process braces. Even though they 're different. ” I said, “ Yeah, that 's not broken they 've you. ( free after rebate ) + free 6-mo whitening and help us ensure we provide high-quality care be diligent wear!, not as I did n't rights to this story here was with! Me that they sent me confirming you received my order and were processing it, hear! Bits of food in my mouth and I really liked that if that was born with his were. This give us a review 50, and we 'd be happy to further.