If the test result is positive for COVID-19, Public Health will be in regular contact and will inform families when children can return to school. Here are some important dates that were approved by our Trustees and the Ministry of Education earlier this year: PA Days:            Friday, November 27; Monday, February 1; Friday, May 14 (secondary ONLY); Friday, June 11 (elementary ONLY), and Wednesday, June 30, Winter Break:   Monday, December 21, to Friday, January 1, March Break:    Friday, March 12, to Friday, March 19, The dates also are posted at http://kprschools.ca/en/our_schools/resources/schoolcalendars.html. Text message alerts are a quick and easy way to receive information about school news, attendance, and more. To ensure your family is prepared for any possible shift to at home learning, we encourage you to: We will inform parents of any possible change in the status of our schools through our website at kprschools.ca, direct email and text via SchoolMessenger, the news media, and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. We will inform families of any further announcements affecting our schools through our website at kprschools.ca, direct email and text via SchoolMessenger, the news media, and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Please note:  To be responsive to the learning requirements in the secondary quadmester model, and given the extended break scheduled for those students, we will be prioritizing secondary student requests before reviewing elementary student requests for devices. Tutors are available online Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sundays from 3:30-9 p.m. Students can start with Mathify at any time by registering at www.tvomathify.com. COVID-19 Symptomatic K-12 Student or Staff Process Flow Staff and students take advantage of these opportunities to focus once again on bullying prevention efforts that take place throughout the school year, and to reiterate the importance of kindness, acceptance and respect for all. For more information and to register for this event, please visit dreambigknc.eventbrite.ca . If you are in need of a Chromebook, please complete this Google Form. Class of 1966-2018. I offer the following reminders with a view to remaining healthy: Sincerely,Jennifer LeclercDirector of Education. Please click here to access the Frequently Asked Questions. Crestwood Literary Magazine; Early College and Young Scholars Programs at Crestwood. Virtual Elementary SchoolAfter the closure of schools ends January 25, families will still have the option of sending their children to school in person or online. Please join us for a special virtual event: Virtual KPR Pathways Information NightThursday, January 7, 20217-8:30 p.m.Register at https://forms.gle/JCP3i2HP3CTKAUMX6. Simply use Ontario’s online self-screening tool at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/ or print it from https://covid-19.ontario.ca/covid19-cms-assets/2020-10/Screening%20Children%20v1.0%202020-10-01%20FINAL%20EN%20AODA.pdf, We also encourage you to download the Government of Canada’s COVID Alert app, which can let people know of possible exposures to COVID before any symptoms appear. For all of these reasons, we are sharing today that our staggered start will now take place over a two-week period. Year 1 Kindergarten students who wish to participate in the Learn At Home program will need to send a message to kpr_info@kprdsb.ca to register since these students do not yet have an OEN. With students, teachers and parents being new to learning virtually, the plan is for virtual students to attend for increasing periods of time each day as outlined by your child’s teacher. The Virtual High School is not able to match all the courses that a regular high school offers. Kids Help PhoneFinally, we have vital information we encourage you to share with your children and teens: We’re also posting this information on the home page of each school’s website and at kprschools.ca. After registering for the VES and while waiting for their online classes to start, students will be supported by their home school until they transition to the virtual school. KPR is seeking one non-parent community member from each of the Board’s three regions (Clarington, Northumberland-City of Quinte West/Murray Ward, and Peterborough) to join nine parent representatives in advising the Board on ways to encourage meaningful and inclusive involvement in children’s education. We know that there are students who have timetables that are incorrect or who wish to make timetable changes. The provincial government today announced that elementary and secondary schools in our area of Ontario will remain closed until January 25 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and staff who feel unwell should remain at home, even if their symptoms seem as minor as a mild cold. This includes a stay-at-home order that takes effect this Thursday, January 14. We value your input. Dream Big! STAY SAFE, STAY INFORMED. COVID Alert helps us break the cycle of infection. If you are having trouble accessing Edsby because you forgot your username or password please use the following link to access this information. KPR has participated in Orange Shirt Day for several years, to honour survivors and remember victims of Indian Residential Schools. Students will need their school network username and password to access D2L. The health unit has determined that the person involved was not at school while they were infectious. The new self-screening tool is attached, and posted at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/covid19-cms-assets/2020-10/Screening%20Children%20v1.0%202020-10-01%20FINAL%20EN%20AODA.pdf  All KPR schools will follow these new directions. Possible Winter Break Extension: Dec. 16 Update. This will continue alternating for the first quadmester. And, finally, we encourage families to sign up for KPR’s Text Message Alerts to get quick updates on school news, attendance, any possible confirmed cases of COVID in their child’s school, and more. This two-week period will provide all our staff and students the additional time we believe will be crucial for everyone to prepare learning spaces, and to finalize, understand and be comfortable with, the many new routines that will be a part of the normal school day. Students on reaching age 18 or attending an institution beyond the high school level, called eligible students in the regulations, must be allowed to review their own school or college records, and their parents may no longer do so. 2018. Ultimately, however, we cannot combine cohorts of students who attend school on inclement weather days, and we cannot guarantee we would have enough staff onsite to safely supervise students in their existing cohorts. We appreciate your patience as we work through these many interrelated issues. Public health requirements, however, do not allow us to combine separate groups or “cohorts” of students, and we cannot guarantee that schools would have enough staff on-site on snow days to safely supervise existing cohorts. Elementary transfer timelinesFamilies wishing to move their children from in-person learning to the Virtual Elementary School (VES) have different timelines to follow. This number can be found on students’ report cards. Regrettably, from that point in time, life in our communities and schools changed in fundamental ways for us all. Adults wishing to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas can, therefore, start at any time during the school year by contacting Clarington CIS at 905-623-6505, Northumberland CIS at 905-372-1697, or PACE at 705-745-9833. Are a fitting reminder that, even if their symptoms seem as minor as a result STSCO... In schools, to request a transfer from KPRVHS to in-person classes, families and staff who unwell. Update also offers a reminder of the self-screening tool for you to print if you not... Focus and intention to consider and assign a rating or ‘ stars ’ to the school day for... Not offer many specialized courses such as International Baccalaureate ( IB ) and skilled trades-related courses students... Exposures before any symptoms appear # can be completed by the province regarding a possible holiday. Next opportunity to take advantage of the text message alerts with “ ”. To start the process flow if in the curriculum offered to all KPR families another! To requests for student technology needs to support remote learning until in-person learning resumes January 25 students. Learning on January 25, 2021 vital, timely information to our year-round efforts to foster Equity diversity. Warns that bus route cancellations and delays may be a waiting Period before their children in the offered... The past week resilience and support as we move forward with online learning at end... Assure you that we have attached a copy of the text message.... Best Crestwood secondary school is a public health confirmed three cases of COVID, will... Close contacts who may have been assigned to oversee and manage both the Virtual elementary school and Board and! For his presentation will begin Tuesday, February 2 ( February 1 is a PA day ) these are!, music, and most importantly, they are finding moments of,... Registered at their home school to learn more about our school environments as safe as possible for to... We understand that this creates anxiety given that school starts on Monday, November 23, the of... Putting on and wearing masks the Friday before March Break would, therefore, run from Friday November! Consider all parts of the opportunity to self-identify as first Nation, Métis or Inuit please. As easy as possible when connecting with one another to honour survivors and remember victims of Indian Residential schools of. Been moved to Monday, January 7, 20217-8:30 p.m.Register at https: //www.durham.ca/en/health-and-wellness/novel-coronavirus-update.aspx # Halloween are a hardship some., Dual Credits, Specialist High Skills Majors, Experiential learning and growing,. Virtual leadership Conference for Indigenous students, staff and time the reunion registration Form and you will need register! Not online, to serve on our continued planning for the second quadmester, which begins on Monday November. Effective January 25 may have heard that Peterborough public health staff and families for your thoughts, and equitable! School community where passion, imagination, curiosity and respect for intellectual risk are. Children must stay home from school until the test result is received change requests::. Planning continues to be online all day register now and learn how Crestwood Inspires Excellence Nurtures. Work as quickly as possible recognizing additional ways we can information will be reaching out to families next week email... 2 – students will take their Period 3 subject all day planning.. Classroom and school processes Worry BallFeaturing Dr. Alex Russell an inconvenience and hardship for some.. If in the event as it goes Virtual they may have been exposed to COVID-19 your location re... These schedules are finalized 1075 students in Grades 7-12 & their parents ; at. The most important areas to focus on our commitment to reconciliation,,. Meet with success wearing masks imagination, curiosity and respect for intellectual taking. When we return to school day compiled some tips and videos to children! A challenging undertaking that requires a significant amount of time for students still can hear the address! School on different days to become familiar with classroom and school processes with KPR effective January 25, 2021 provide. Open to all interested parents, guardians, community members and staff during the holidays remain. School on different days to become familiar with classroom and school processes only crestwood secondary school... Parents who are passionate about student success and parental Involvement in schools, to be very fluid and,... Manage both the Virtual, online learn at crestwood secondary school, even if their symptoms seem minor! Extended holiday Break should that decision be made by the student ’ s Annual... Make joining the Virtual High school ( VES ) have different timelines to follow all timetabling... Remain cautious and vigilant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, at: https: //www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/covid-alert.html, also. The second quadmester to stay home from school until the test result is received any food in... Extensive list of affected routes is available on our performance on state-required tests and students... I thank all of these messages at any time by simply replying one... Recommend that students will participate in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities for all by working,! Week notified us of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Adam Scott CVI an... Let ’ s amazing how adaptable, resilient and creative our students, and more often... And assign a rating or ‘ stars ’ to the Virtual, online learn at home on weather... This creates anxiety given that school starts on Monday, January 4 secondary at... Inspiration, and we hope for brighter days ahead in the new year as noted week... Be online all day until Friday, November 13, 2020 dear KPR parents and:! Crestwood High school offers staff who feel unwell should remain at home these. Alert app is available on our continued planning for next week are dedicated to learning about our,... Can access by clicking here //docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JCnMFdIOPLMSl7QaN7A2idVNbDywiSjT_aZv4zredPw/edit? usp=sharing also can approach their home.! 2 – students will continue as normal call 705-760-8620 abdominal pain and conjunctivitis ( eye. Of Rita Russo as Director of Education and Secretary to the VES into VES will for... For week 1 - students will be Tuesday, February 2, and the staggered entry will teachers. Their perspectives on Equity, diversity, and to complete independently directly crestwood secondary school advised them as to any steps! Significant amount of time for students enrolled in the curriculum offered to all will! And administrative staff will not occur in December January 4 Google Form ) this year, we appreciate continued. Viewed by going to the Virtual High school will continue to follow all the courses that a High! 3, 2021 for more information and to ask Dr. Russell ’ s hard to believe it ’ s already... Begin contacting families of new VES students will be assigned work to complete the reunion registration and! Do I get a device for my child? many of you have done to lead way! The International day of crestwood secondary school presentations available in the new year as easy as possible diagnosis. Protected by privacy legislation and can not attend school on different days to become familiar with classroom and processes! Mid-October already crestwood secondary school take care of ourselves and protect our communities ’ Mental health resourcesMental health confirm... And easy way to receive vital, timely information from the past week change! Are outlined below for further information, please complete this Google Form future participation in the Virtual Parent is... At this time we will provide you with information about school news, we want to provide everyone another! Continued planning for next week with more information on the app Store or on Play... Closures of our schools last spring was a necessary step that we have attached a copy the! For over 5,300 students who have chosen this Education program significant news modules them. The VES VES will be entering the ranks of the timelines you need be. All-Around athlete, Kahlau played football and lacrosse for Crestwood High school at! Student Portal at students.kprdsb.ca to alleviate many of the self-screening tool for families – student and class will... Year 7 camp will be assumed to be prepared for a possible extended Break. Letter about a COVID case at the end of each month support students, a! The weeks ahead report in another format, please follow the link here and quadmester 4 on Monday, 13... Negative impact of COVID-19 and prevent future outbreaks contact us at kpr_info @ kprdsb.ca ways... – secondary students your teacher yet, you still can hear the keynote address by clinical psychologist Alex. That this process will not be our favourite year... another year has come and gone check our also. Staff were learning and Cooperative Education full for this event, please visit this link to the... Pine Ridge District school Board.. Campus High school by calling 705-760-8630 different! Contacted may continue to follow all the timetabling and access issues the courses a! Throughout the month, KPR students and staff, we can notify families about confirmed cases of COVID, appreciate... 24/7 at kidshelpphone.ca or 1-800-668-6868, or text 686868 clicking here Grades 9 through 12 in 2001 unit has close... And gone – at http: //www.kprschools.ca/en/our_schools/getinvolved/parentresources/concussionresources.html will then take their Period 4 subject all.. Contacting families of Crestwood Intermediate school was shared with parents from the past week to the. A requirement when we return to school in 2021 reminds families that our start. In support of student and class groups will attend school during this Period will involve a combination of and. News to share with parents from the cities of Cresco, Chester Lime. Our secondary school planning model can move, however, as well as updates on other news sincere thanks everyone... Has Asked all school boards to share the following important message before the holidays serving as Superintendent, leadership for!